I’m not lurking, really

I’ve been in my office all day, talking to no one. Instead, I’ve graded two sets of lab reports, prepared two lectures for tomorrow, and am nearly done grading an exam. There are a few million things I’d rather do today, but at least I’ve cleared that annoying pile of work.

If I’m a good boy and get some more done in time, I’m going to the movie theater tonight — I hear that the Dungeons & Dragons movie is entertaining…but I also see that it’s 2 hours and 14 minutes long. It’s fluff! It shouldn’t be that long!

I also shouldn’t be spending my whole weekend working, either.


  1. vereverum says

    I like short stories better than novels.
    I like half-hour vid better than hour which is about my limit.
    Except for Wagner’s Ring Cycle which is a little more than an hour.

  2. lochaber says

    watched the D&D movie yesterday, and it was pretty amusing. Mostly, I think it didn’t take itself too seriously, and some of the scenes were pretty much straight up out of a table-top session, with a bunch of call-outs/easter eggs and such.

    If someone’s ever played D&D/Pathfinder/etc., and not hated it, I’d recommend the movie, it was pretty amusing for a table-top RPG gamer.

  3. JoeBuddha says

    Wish I could watch movies, but the immersive nature of them triggers my introversion and I have to break out of it. Spent most of the last movie I watched standing in the entryway, so I could move when I had to without distracting others. Haven’t watched anything in a theater for over a decade.

  4. Rich Woods says

    I enjoyed it for the paladin jokes. Like at the tabletop, you can never have enough paladin jokes.

  5. wzrd1 says

    Not especially interested in the movie, not really my genre and all.
    As for spending all day isolated and working, I’m infamous for literally forgetting to eat while working on a task.
    And for not noticing that I needed to sleep at times, during various emergencies, for days at a time.
    A hint, my performance has a significant falloff after day 3. Falloff being, much beyond that, I literally have difficulty counting beyond 10 with any distraction, such as taking a 15 second pulse.
    I’ve also repaired a “tough dog” problem in a television set that had defeated me for several days – while literally asleep. I, according to witnesses, sleep walked to my workshop and fixed the damned thing, alas, without taking notes, so I had no clue on how to bill that disaster, so I went with a low hour repair.
    At least I know that I function well while asleep!

    Oh wait, I already knew that one. After all, some of the best sleep in my life was experienced while behind the wheel of a multi-ton military vehicle.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    A live-action version of a game? Have you not forgotten Super Mario Brothers?