1. birgerjohansson says

    (rubs hands together) “Bwahahahaha. My GM spiders will soon spread around the state”

  2. birgerjohansson says

    With a black and white version, it would fit nicely into a Quatermass episode. :-)
    When they hatch, the cuites will be an anticlimax.

  3. says

    As we know, every monster movie ever made ends with a shot like this. “Oh my god, IT LAID EGGS!!!!”
    I’m a little disappointed at the lack of a good jump-scare at the end, however. I think even some kind of old-school, practical effect would work here.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Sadly, the egg hatching trope has been ruined by the Alien prequels.

    That Canadian SF author wrote a novel maybe 20 years ago about rather benign arachniform aliens, maybe they could make a film of that.
    New idea: Feliform monsters. They would not even have to be too different from real cats.
    Van Vogt’s The Voyage of the Space Beagle even had one of those, rather ruined by the unnecessary tentacles he added. No feline has ever needed extra tentacles to wreak havoc!

  5. drsteve says

    Eccleston! No final e!

    Sorry to pick on you, StevoR, but it’s a pet peeve of mine that my first Doctor and still arguably my favorite is so prone to getting his name mangled.

    I love McCoy too, though, and really appreciate the shoutout to ‘Survival’ and its Cheetah People (though I feel it’s worth adding the caveat that it would make a terrible introduction to 20th-century Doctor Who for anyone with no previous experience).

  6. birgerjohansson says

    Goddamn typo. It should have been “cuties” hatching in @2.

    Seriously, you should GM them so they inherit the memories of the mother, like the offspring in Dune did if I recall correctly.
    This raises challenges about brain size and complexity, oxygen transport et cetera, but if a bajillion B-films could pull it off, so can PZ.