The House of Silence

The disease afflicting our house has now descended into the quiet hush phase. Our throats are sore, it hurts to talk; my wife waved good morning to me, we haven’t said a single word yet. It’s a bit eerie.

Don’t bother to visit, it’s like popping into a monastery where all the monks have taken vows of silence. You will get only gestures, and you will be turned away.


  1. Scott Simmons says

    So, a man goes to a monastery and asks to join. The abbot agrees to accept him to the order, but explains that they have a very strict vow of silence for novices, and he will only be allowed to say two words per year. The prospective monk agrees, and takes the vows of the order.
    One year later, he is summoned to the abbot’s office, and told that it is time for him to say his two words for the year. “Bed hard,” he responds, and leaves the office.
    The next year, he is summoned again. “Food cold,” he says.
    The third year, when he arrives in the office, he looks at the abbot and says, “I quit.”
    “I’m not surprised,” replies the abbot, “you’ve been complaining nonstop ever since you got here.”

  2. says

    Is it one of those monasteries where you learn Kung Fu? Do you have to snatch the pebble from your master’s hand before you can leave?
    Seriously, take care. I’m sure you’ll do the right thing, as you, unlike most of the world, might actually understand what a virus is and does.

  3. christoph says

    Kind of like “A Quiet Place.” All you need now are homicidal monsters with really good hearing.