We have many jumping spiders now

We have a couple of terraria with Bold Jumping spiders — they’re fairly large, they got big cute eyes, they’re usually active — but the biggest of our jumpers retired to a silken refugium last month. We decided to check on her and winkle her out, and discovered the sad truth.

She was dead.

She did, however, leave a legacy — a big egg sac full of squirmy baby bold jumpers. Take a look!


  1. brightmoon says

    I’m getting used to the spider pics and information but they still give me the creeps. But they’re so interesting!!! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. bmatchick says

    I’ve seen a few of your adult spiders just turn up dead. The Bold Jumping spiders supposedly can live for two years in captivity. Any idea what kinds of things they succumb to, though I’m sure you’ll never know with this one? Just curious what sorts of things usually kill them (like viruses?). I get with animals that small they’re usually either alive and perfectly fine or dead- not a lot in between. That’s why my career as a a spider veterinarian didn’t pan out.

  3. aronymous says

    Since the spider was locked tight in the container, does it need, and have, outside air? How long can it go without?

  4. marcoli says

    Years ago I had done the same thing with a bold jumper egg sac. The babies had only recently hatched, and at that time they were pale and basically immobile, unlike your little bebbies. As I understand it, hatchlings will molt (I guess to the 2nd instar) while still in the egg sac, and then they become more mobile. One wonders about the neurological changes from hatchling immobility to 2nd instar mobility.

  5. keinsignal says

    I don’t know if you’re serious about adopting, but I’d happily volunteer – no idea how I’d come to collect them though, nor how quickly I could get an enclosure set up.
    I’m guessing these guys probably wouldn’t survive getting sent thru the mail, but hey, maybe next time you have an egg sac you don’t need…