The Konservative Kristian Konundrum

Isn’t it odd how the worst, most narrow-minded, most repressive people believe in the grandest, most all-encompassing god?

A lot more people should be saying “Ho ho ho! It does not!”. Theology schools ought to be all about teaching people to laugh at themselves.


  1. F.O. says

    a) God is mysterious and unknowable
    b) You know what God tells you to do

    Pick one.

  2. raven says

    Theology schools ought to be all about teaching people to laugh at themselves.

    How about, “Theology schools should be all about teaching people to make up better gods”.

    We know all the gods are made up.
    The polytheists such as the Norse and Greeks at least had a variety of interesting gods who did interesting things.
    The xian god mostly just kills people on a megadeath scale, sometimes in futile attempts to fix his own mistakes.

  3. Howard Brazee says

    The creator of this vast universe did it all centered on a tiny subset of one species on one planet who believe in him. Obviously that subset is my subset.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    If you are into the deep lore of the narrative universe of Herr Doktor Johannes Cabal, you already know Jehova and Satan are playing good cop/bad cop as they are both atavars of Nyarlahotep!

    So unless you have tentacles you do not belong to a favored subset.
    And if you think this sounds horrible, just watch the Woodland Critter Christmas episode at South Park.

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    When your concept of the universe begins and ends at the municipal border of whatever rural shithole American town you were born and will die in, it’s not that odd at all.

    BTW, this cartoon reminds me of God in Disenchantment. (Who looks a lot the depiction of God in the comic tracts of a certain bigot we know.)

  6. dangerousbeans says

    Getting away with being inconsistent, hypocritical and incoherent is a great demonstration of power, at least for those only interested in power. So they aren’t going to care that their all powerful deity doesn’t make sense, because that’s just part of the power