Next, rage

Next week, our monthly Podish Sortacast will tackle a hot-button issue: abortion. We’ve got a doctor, a biologist, and a whole swarm of people here who will happily defend the medical procedure and castigate the people who oppose it. Should be fun. I’ll be sure to take my blood pressure medicine beforehand.


  1. raven says

    Biden predicts states will try to arrest women who travel for abortions
    Women’s right to mobility is the next battleground between Red and Blue states.
    If women can’t move about where they will, they are prisoners and slaves.

    What the Red states want to set up is something we’ve seen often over the centuries.
    A Police state.
    With the target population being women, especially pregnant women.
    It’s all there, repressive laws, lack of freedom, lots of police to enforce those laws, and lots of prisons and concentration camps for those who get caught.

    Biden predicts states will try to arrest women who travel for abortions
    By Jeff Mason and Rami Ayyub July 01, 2022

    WASHINGTON, July 1 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden predicted on Friday that some U.S. states will try to arrest women for crossing state lines to get abortions after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to the procedures nationwide.

    Thirteen Republican-led states banned or severely restricted the procedure under so-called “trigger laws” after the court struck down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling last week. Women in those states seeking an abortion may have to travel to states where it remains legal.

    Convening a virtual meeting on abortion rights with Democratic state governors on Friday, Biden said he thinks “people are gonna be shocked when the first state … tries to arrest a woman for crossing a state line to get health services.”

    He added: “And I don’t think people believe that’s gonna happen. But it’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna telegraph to the whole country that this is a gigantic deal that goes beyond; I mean, it affects all your basic rights”.

    Biden is right that the Red states will try to extend their laws to the Blue states.
    He is wrong that anyone is going to be surprised.
    Those laws have already been passed.

  2. raven says

    To state the obvious, what the Supreme Court has done is set up a perpetual battle between the Red and Blue states. Repealing Roe versus Wade is just the start of what will be a battle for the foreseeable future.

    The first two issues will be:
    .1. Women traveling from slave states for abortions.
    It is already happening and will be a common way to obtain an abortion.
    State laws end at state borders.
    The Red states want to change this to, “our laws apply in your state.”
    These Red state laws will make abortion into a felony with life in prison or death as the penalty.

    .2. Outlawing DIY abortion drugs.
    They are getting ready to try to do this.
    RU-486 (mifepristone) and misoprostol are common drugs that also have other uses.
    There is already a black market for them and that black market will grow to supply the demand.

    We already know that outlawing abortion doesn’t stop abortions. It just makes them illegal and much more hazardous for women.
    There are 800,000 abortions in the USA per year.
    It is estimated that after the Red states set up their Zygote Police (ZyPos) and Police state, that the number of abortions in the USA will still be ca. 700,000.

    The reduction will be 100,000 or so.
    That is IMO, possibly an overestimate. It may be closer to zero. That is what happened when Romania outlawed abortion and set up their Zygote Police state. The birth rate ended up at where it was before.
    And then they revolted and shot Ceausescu and his wife.

  3. says

    The Red states want to change this to, “our laws apply in your state.”

    Of course!

    They’ve always hated states’ rights just like they’ve always hated everyone’s rights. They want to tell you what to do, order you around, control you as they would their slaves. When states’ rights was a useful ruse to get them on talk shows and expand the number of people that they could control, they were happy to use it, but the goal was never to end their control at the border of a particular state. They are megalomaniacal tyrants, and borders won’t stop them (much less logic or consistency or shame).

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Laws applying beyond the borders…that is exactly the way the Sharia laws are supposed to work. And the Sharia laws will also apply to unbelievers.
    It is scary how much the medieval mindset of islamists overlaps with that of the Republicans.

  5. raven says

    Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines
    WashingtonPost July 03, 2022

    Several national antiabortion groups and their allies in Republican-led state legislatures are advancing plans to stop people in states where abortion is banned from seeking the procedure elsewhere, according to people involved in the discussions.

    The idea has gained momentum in some corners of the antiabortion movement in the days since the Supreme Court struck down its 49-year-old precedent protecting abortion rights nationwide, triggering abortion bans across much of the Southeast and Midwest.

    Here is the next abortion war.
    The Red states want to make pregnant women into prisoners and slaves.
    Under our laws, state laws stop at state borders.
    The Red states want to extend their laws into the Blue states.
    This can’t be legal. Except with the current Supreme Court, they can make up any laws they want.

    …advancing plans to stop people in states where abortion is banned from seeking the procedure elsewhere, …

    FFS, how are they going to enforce this?
    Put a collar around the necks of pregnant women and chain them up in the yard or a dungeon?
    Set up pregnancy camps where pregnant women will be imprisoned until they give birth?
    Put up an Iron Curtain fence at their borders with mine fields, dogs, and guard towers. Shoot any pregnant women who try to escape?

    We’ve seen this movie before in places like the USSR, Serbia during the Bosnian genocide, and Romania under communism.
    The Red states want to set up Police states with pregnant women as their first victims.

  6. raven says

    From the Washington Post article above.

    Just because you jump across a state line doesn’t mean your home state doesn’t have jurisdiction,” said Peter Breen, vice president and senior counsel for the Thomas More Society. “It’s not a free abortion card when you drive across the state line.”

    Yeah it does.
    The Thomas More society is a Catholic extremist legal organization.
    They almost always lose their cases.

    In relying on private citizens to enforce civil litigation, rather than attempting to impose a state-enforced ban on obtaining abortions across state lines, such a law is more difficult to challenge in court, because abortion rights groups don’t have a clear person to sue.

    Like the Texas abortion ban, the proposal itself could have a chilling effect, prompting doctors in surrounding states to stop performing abortions before courts have an opportunity to intervene, worried that they may face lawsuits if they violate the law.

    This is dumb.
    It makes all citizens into vigilantes and many of them into criminals.
    Civil litigation at the state level is only enforceable in the state you live in or have some sort of ties to. If I get sued by someone in Georgia, it either goes Federal or it goes nowhere. I’m not under the jurisdiction of Georgia state courts.

    California and several other states have already passed laws nullifying the Red states attempts to take over their legal systems.

  7. StevoR says

    Live in 5 hours currently. Its after midnight now here (Adelaide, South Oz) and that means its going to be on 5 am ish my time. Sorry but I don’t think I’ll make it..unless I really can’t sleep.