A curious omission

Kirk Cameron is trying hard to be relevant again. He’s been making more noise about the wickedness of our secular culture and how the schools are bad.

Cameron takes issue with the perspective that a child’s education should be left solely to the so-called experts, without parents’ input. “And that’s just a fundamental difference in the way that we look at. Who has been entrusted with the sacred responsibility of raising our children? Is it the parents or is it the government?”

He went on to strongly criticize “those who are rotting out the minds and souls of America’s children” and said they were “spreading a terminal disease, not education.”

“And you can take your pick. Just go down the list. The things that are destroying the family, destroying the church, destroying love for our great country: critical race theory, teaching kids to pick their pronouns and decide whether they want to be a boy or a girl, The 1619 Project,” he said.

Notice what he left out? The thing he is most famous for, besides making very bad movies? He doesn’t complain about science and evolution. He appeared in that infamous banana video with Ray Comfrot. Cameron is clearly trying to extend his ghastly influence beyond his usual gang of demented evangelicals to demented generic far right loons. There is a lot of overlap in those two categories, but he seems to be aware that getting specific about his crazy beliefs is going to be a deal breaker for some narrow subset of potential followers. Vague discontent is much more marketable.

I want the next person to interview him to ask him about bananas.