He is so angry!

Boy, Jordan Peterson sure is upset that other people don’t share his Objective™ and True™ evaluation of beauty.

How dare Sports Illustrated insist that a non-athletic body could be beautiful? I’m going to take that personally.

Then he’s offended that SI was exploiting Yumi Nu…as if no other woman asked to pose in a skimpy bathing suit was exploited. He pretends that he’s defending her by insulting her.

It’s weird how he exposes his rage over such subjective issues, as if he is the final arbiter, and he and he alone gets to decide who is beautiful and who is not for everyone else. His authoritarianism is exposed.


  1. Bruce says

    Jordan Peterson used to have the ability to speak English, in the sense of English being a language where many other people agreed with you about the meanings of words.
    But these days, JP quotes are pointless, because he always reserves the right to redefine any and all words to mean something else entirely.
    When a couple billion people speak a language, yet you get to redefine all their words, being the sole decider of all human beauty standards seems like not so much of a big deal.

  2. hemidactylus says

    Weird synchronicity that I hadn’t listened to Eiynah‘s podcast for a while and just recently checked on it (about 8 episodes of Woking Up now I see) and you go and quote her tweet feed. It’s as if the universe is trying to tell me something.

    I guess mentioning synchronicity makes it more topical because Jung, though I don’t know if JP ever goes down that rabbit hole. Trying to ignore him but here he is again…grrrr!!!!

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Wait, isn’t Peterson a member of the Christian moral scold brigade who shriek and bellow about how much dirty, slutty… (whispering)S-E-X… (normal voice) there is in the media and how it is corrupting the youth, destroying the moral fabric of society, yadda yadda? What’s this supposed paragon of virtue doing ogling scandalously-unclothed women in an uncouth periodical of vulgar athleticism? (And non-white women at that!)

  4. donfelipe says

    This highlights a couple things that are consistent above conservatives:
    A. They are mad that they are not more popular and are jealous that they don’t have mainstream success.
    B. They are absolutely incapable of acknowledging there are many different cultures with different histories, beliefs, and preferences. They cannot accept their view is the minority and that there are billions of people who don’t want to be like them.

    They will never achieve that success they crave in A without dropping the willful blindspots in B.

  5. raven says

    Frank Zappa

    What’s the ugliest
    Of your body? (Nanana na na na)
    What’s the ugliest
    (Weeweewoo) of your body?
    (Naw naw naw naw)
    Some say your nose (hey)
    Some say your toes
    But I think it’s your mind

    This again.
    For way too many times.

    What is the ugliest part of your body?
    It is your mind
    Not everyone’s mind.
    Jordan Peterson though, does have an exceptionally ugly mind. One that has also ceased to work in any meaningful way.

  6. rjlangley says

    This POS has an anti-trans article in the Torygraph today, too.

    The commenters are as disappointing as 9ne would expect from a load of Jorp fans. I saw one that was still going on about that Cathy Newman interview all those years back.

  7. says

    Wow, JP is really obsessed about Yumi Nu. I’m beginning to suspect there’s a backstory to this that he’s not admitting…

  8. robro says

    Well, you’ll have to admit that JP is right about one thing in that video: Not everyone is a genius. To wit…Jordan Peterson. He’s not even smart enough to know when he’s being an ass.

  9. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 4

    A. They are mad that they are not more popular and are jealous that they don’t have mainstream success.
    B. They are absolutely incapable of acknowledging there are many different cultures with different histories, beliefs, and preferences. They cannot accept their view is the minority and that there are billions of people who don’t want to be like them.

    Conservatives already believe that they the majority is behind them. (e.g. Nixon’s “Silent Majority,” the Christian Right’s “Moral Majority,” the current right’s “Real Americans.”) Indeed, their very ideology, their ethos, their versions of history, science, economics, religion, and even standards of physical beauty are given facts, written into the very fabric of the universe. No one, save for the degenerate and the depraved, really believe otherwise, so their ideological opponents on the left must cheat and use “authoritarianism,” “political correctness” and “cancel culture to circumvent the true will of the people and achieve their nefarious ends.

    They will never achieve that success they crave in A without dropping the willful blindspots in B.

    Denial of difference and progress is the very heart and soul of conservativism. If they were to achieve B, they wouldn’t be conservatives, would they?

  10. says

    @rjlangley the whole reason anyone ever heard of Jordan Peterson outside Ontario was his opposition to Bill C16, which expanded human rights protection for trans and non binary people.

  11. garnetstar says

    The YouTuber Lonerbox just posted a video about why Peterson said a lot more than “not beautiful”, why he’s wrong, and why the scientific studies he originally cited as evidence are irrelevant.

  12. says

    I got news for JP: Lots of athletic women are considerably more heavyset than the average SI swimsuit model. Peterson needs to move on from this freakout of his and find something else to be laughably wrong about…

  13. birgerjohansson says

    Raging Bee @ 17
    We should put together a list of promising “nicht eben falsch” topics for JP and – posing as supporters- suggest them to him.

    As I listen to The Scathing Atheist I learn of all kinds of spoofs that make conservatives angry without knowing it is satire.
    Knowing Peterson, it cannot be too hard to make up a story he would find infuriating.

  14. flange says

    @15 Akira MacKenzie
    Me too. I’d never heard of Jordan Peterson before I started reading this blog. From what I gather, this a person who can string words together, without an original thought, without imagination, and without empathy. The worst thing is, he’s absolutely ordinary and boring.

  15. Owlmirror says

    How dare Sports Illustrated insist that a non-athletic body could be beautiful

    I just checked the WikiP page for the SI Swimsuit Issue, and most of the bodies of women who have appeared on those covers have been those of non-athletes. There have been some athletes, but by and large, the women who have appeared on the cover have been models.

    Yumi Nu is also a model. The only phrases used to distinguish her from the other models who have appeared on the cover is “Asian plus-size”.

  16. chrislawson says

    Owlmirror@20– I think “non-athletic” was being used there to describe a body type rather than a career designation.

  17. whywhywhy says

    “Not everyone is a Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit model and Fuck you if don’t like it.”

    Yumi Nu is not only a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model she got the cover. I think Peterson should in this instance listen to Peterson.

  18. chrislawson says

    “Peterson should in this instance listen to Peterson”…hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug.

  19. Louis says

    So celebrating/enjoying/not hating people who are not “beautiful” according to a cherry picked set of criteria, themselves taken from a very specific and narrowly defined set of criteria, is somehow authoritarian and oppressive?

    Okay! I understand the place this guy is coming from, it’s the standard “reactionary” position: “if someone who isn’t like what I perceive to be the ‘right’ sort of person is being celebrated/defended in some way, it’s only to dethrone people I perceive to be the ‘right’ sort of person from a position in a hierarchy I believe should exist”. Great!

    The “healthiness” of fat bodies is really moot, the “aesthetics” of fat bodies is equally moot. Whether or not this individual body is a healthy body does not depend on the statistical picture about bodies, or vice versa. Whether or not this body is aesthetically pleasing isn’t dependent on which bodies are statistically more pleasing to more people in a specific cultural context.

    I’ll never get this mindset. It’s the “if it’s not banned it’s compulsory” mindset combined with the usual bigotry directed at any group the person desires to direct it at.

    I am sure someone, somewhere has found Peterson to be attractive. At least for long enough to have sex with him and produce a child. I don’t find him attractive, even if he does conform to some cherry picked subset of beauty criteria (and whether or not that is arguable, cherry picking will work well enough so it is “true”). I’m pretty sure that Peterson has been on the cover of a magazine somewhere, it’s likely, he’s “famous” enough. Does this mean I have to like him in some way?

    So Peterson doesn’t like the look of this lady, great! Happy days! I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care. Neither does Sports Illustrated sticking her on the cover require him to. Last I checked, the cover of Sports Illustrated was not a binding document that seared the values depicted into your very soul. And last I checked, beauty standards change over time.

    Luckily, though, I have decided to follow Peterson’s principles. My wife, at least at one point, found me attractive enough to take and display a photograph of me, therefore this is an oppressive mechanism via which all persons should find me attractive. I expect an orderly queue to form, I shall of course be approving applicants personally using the Tinder method of swiping on things to indicate success or failure of the applicants. Applicants who fail will be swiped into the caldera of a live volcano to appease the gods of beauty. Successful applicants will be selected to appear on my megayacht which, for reasons to trivial to go into, is obviously my divine right as a man, or something.

    Hey, I don’t make the rules.


  20. says

    I learned from <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yumi_Nu"Wikipedia that Yumi Nu’s mother is a model, her younger sister is a model, her aunt is a model and actress, her grandfather founded Benihana, and her uncle is a(n heir to the Benihana fortune and) record producer. She’s already recorded on her uncle’s label; produces her own clothing line; and has appeared in British Vogue and on the cover of Vogue in the US and Japan. And “She was also invited to the White House’s celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2022.”

  21. Louis says

    @SC, #26,

    Phew what an underachiever! Not everyone can be Picasso you know? What has SHE done to deserve being on the cover of…

    {reads again}

    …oh. Erm. Wow that has to be awkward for Peterson. Or it would be if any of this were about trifling things like facts, honesty, decency etc. And not maintaining the grift and being fundamentally awful.


  22. woozy says

    You know… some people when the see things that aren’t to their tastes just roll their eyes and walk away.

  23. Tethys says

    I think the asshole is actually pissed off that he did not get to use the swimsuit issue of SI as wanking material. He can’t say that out loud, so of course putting a woman he personally is not aroused by on the cover is a nefarious plot by the woke/ sign of the moral decay of liberals.

    Why anyone ever listens to him is a complete mystery to me. Loud- mouthed bigots are only notable in finding ways at amplifying their hate.

  24. lanir says

    … You mean someone actually pays attention to this hypocrite?

    I’m not usually up for judging people for their personal woes but this guy’s issues tied into his shitty takes on everything. He was so blatantly apparent about it all that I didn’t think even your average willfully oblivious conservative could ignore it. I… guess I was wrong? Being that willfully ignorant sure seems like a whole lot of work.