1. ANB says

    Looks fascinating! Seriously. I only wish I had good teachers (in any subject!) in junior high and high school. (I didn’t except for music and foreign languages). My dad had two Bachelors, two Masters, and a Ph.D. in Biology (and taught at a J.C.). My brother is a geophysicist (retired), and I have two sisters who are nurses. I didn’t even have chemistry or physics in high school (or college). Imascienceignoramus except for what I’ve tried to make up for over the years. Not enough, though I’ve actually taught high school biology and physics (you just need to be one day ahead).

    Alas, I’m just crying in my beer (actually champagne, but that’s not an idiom yet).

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I would watch the video but the subject makes me sad.

    PS – there is an article in Science Nov 11th about organisms (in this case, rockfish) that have evolved robust safeguards against both cancer and ageing, leading to a two-century lifespan. Another example is the bowhead whale, the longest-living mammal. Whales are of particular interest as they have so many cells that may become cancerous!