The degeneracy…!

Hieronymus Bosch, move over. When we want to show scenes of perversity, chaos, and wickedness, new masters have taken over: Meyers and Frazee. Their work is terrifyingly lurid. Take a look at this (I hope it doesn’t get my blog banned):

What hell is this, you say. It’s from a children‘s board book, Babies Everywhere, and it is so salacious in the minds of right-wingers that it has been banned. I mean, look at it. Horrifying, if you look at it through a conservative lens.

You might think it’s just a scene of normal families walking on a city street, but that’s only because you lack a filthy mind and the power of projection. A man alone walking with a child? THE BREAKUP OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY. Two women walking together pushing a stroller? LESBIANS. Two men walking together? Men don’t have friends, must be HOMOS. Old man pulling a wagon with a baby and a dog? OH MY GOD CALL THE POLICE!

It has been banned, but the people responsible can’t quite explain why. It’s like pornography, they know it when they see it.

The book was among dozens of works recently banned from public school libraries in Walton County, Fla. School district officials confirmed the removal of the books to WJHG-TV in Florida. Walton County School Superintendent Russell Hughes told the outlet that it was “necessary in this moment for me to make that decision and I did it for just a welfare of all involved, including our constituents, our teachers, and our students.”

Right. He just has the welfare of the students in mind, so he glanced at this, and in the heat of the moment, decided it was wicked and needed to be blotted out. It’s a palimpsest. It’s the nonexistent basement of a pizza parlor. It’s a thing with reflects back the filthy mind of Walton County School Superintendent Russell Hughes, and therefore we must get rid of it before everyone can see what he is thinking.

Using this logic, clearly Florida must be destroyed, because everyone looks at it and sees a floppy, dangling penis.


  1. raven says

    Is this another example of GOP/fundie xian cancel culture?

    So far they have canceled or tried to cancel books, public libraries, public schools, gays, Trans, nonwhites, liberals, nonxians, science, scientists, Ukraine and Ukrainians, uppity women, abortion, family planning, democracy, etc..
    Notably in Florida they are canceling Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, the Disney corporation, vaccines, and anything to do with public health measures to fight the novel and lethal Covid-19 virus.
    I’m sure I’m leaving some of their cancel targets out.

    So many things to cancel, so little time.

  2. says


    Don’t worry in another 30 years Florida will be reclaimed by the Atlantic.

    Wow, talk about shrinkage.

  3. raven says

    Yeah, I can’t see anything in that picture that is horrifyingly perverse.
    Then again, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have the mind of these Florida GOP officials.

    Most of the people in the picture are white.
    A few are not.
    I suppose that would be a problem right there.

    The guy on the left is wearing cargo shorts.
    Some people claim they are a crime against nature.
    I’m not one of those people though.
    The War on Pockets never really moved me.

    Most likely Walton County School Superintendent Russell Hughes just needed some books to burn as part of his virtue signalling and grabbed anything that was published in the last 20 years.

  4. StevoR says

    .. Here I was thinking it might be something linked to abortion.. Babies everywhere but all of them actually babies that have been born?

    Or having Trump carried kicking and screaming out the White House as, er, didn’t happen but definitely should have.

    Or is it todo the notion that someone might carry someone else in that their fevered midns cannot handle even small infants not standing ontheir own two feet and walking independently as soon as they are born?

    Seriously tho’ , what the?

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    The guy on the left is wearing cargo shorts.
    Some people claim they are a crime against nature.

    OT, but why? Cargo shorts are freaking practical and comfortable! They’re certainly a lot better than those “skinny jeans” the hipster fashionistas demand we wear. Those things look like they emasculate the wearer the same way a farmer would geld livestock (i.e. cutting off blood flow to the testicles and scrotum causing them to die, dry up, and fall off).

  6. Pierce R. Butler says

    Gotta keep Walton County clean!

    That includes a very exclusive beachfront “Millionaires’ Row” of mansions belonging to such American icons as Billy Ray Cyrus and the Rev. Mike Huckabee, y’know!

  7. says

    I love how the author, a grandma who decided to write a whimsical children’s book after her grandchild was born, is delighted to find herself on a list with Toni Morrisson.

  8. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 10

    I’m sure our current SCOTUS will get to overturning Loving v. Virginia as soon as they are done with Roe v. Wade and Engles v. Vitale.

  9. Pierce R. Butler says

    … it is so salacious …

    Indeed. Just about every adult shown has one or more infants or kids in hand.

    The rest are, implicitly, somewhere else … making babies!

  10. robro says

    Akira MacKenzie — I suspect that the GOP and their judges are intent on overturning all aspects of Federalism. Social issues like segregation, anti-miscegenation laws, abortion rights, and any other civil rights decisions and law are just on the agenda to pander to the bigots in our society who vote for them. The GOP’s primary goal is to kill any kind of Federal regulation of business, even long standing requirements like minimum wage, work hour rules, safety rules, and so forth.

  11. Ted Lawry says

    How about carrying “babies” in the womb? How would the 3d Right process that? Is it anti-abortion to talk about “babies” in the womb (good) or too sex related (bad)?

  12. unclefrogy says

    yes that is the truth the problem when you step back just a little is that that rollback might reduce the cost for some individual business. and the profit might increase in the short run. In long term what would be reduced if all of the wage, hour and safety regulations eliminated would be the market for all the goods and services that make up the economy. The ignorant right wing politicians are advocating what in essence and inevitably are self-distructive and extremely short sighted policies

  13. woozy says

    You are forgetting to mention that the children on bicycles are wearing helmets. That’s promoting living in fear, pandering to the nanny state, and submitting to having a precious freedoms taken away.

  14. Richard Smith says

    clearly Florida must be destroyed, because everyone looks at it and sees a floppy, dangling penis.

    Blame it on DeSantis.

  15. fentex says

    Why is anyone entertaining for a moment any consideration of whetehr or not there’s something offensive?

    There is no requirement there be anything actually offensive for a book to be banned – the point is the banning, not the contents.

    If the book is banned, it must have been corrupting, therefore those who did not ban it are evil and must be resisted – that is the logic; the exercise of power is the point, not any other facts, just the exercise of power and the protection of the power that MUST be exercised, because it IS.

  16. nomdeplume says

    It is a curious fact, unremarked in the media, that the people doing all the cancelling are the Right Wing including the Religious Right.

  17. Kagehi says

    @14 robro

    Sadly, I think TYT is not far off on their assessment. The right is sucessfully pushing a narrative that degeneracy, liberalism, free thought and crime are all “causing” every problem in society, including the failing middle class, inflation, and the inability of stagnant wages to “somehow” pave people’s way to streets of gold. This is a flat out lie, of course, and is really just distraction, to prevent the people they are conning from waking up to the fact that every single thing they GOP proposes will make crime worse, and steal even more of their money. Sadly, the Democrats, as a party, are beholden to the same stock market, so their “message”, as a party, is, “Don’t rock the boat. Work across the aisle. Don’t ever play the same game of identity politics, even if we are losing.” The occasion that they do ever talk about real issues its either because someone in the party actually speaks up, off script, and it poles well, and then… the “party” line is not, “Ah, I see, we need to DO these things!”, but rather, “Ah, I see, if we pretend to care about these things, then we can maybe win another election.”

    But, as a party, they are not so far gone they don’t recognize that we need regulation, and government systems, etc., but their definition of “need” is.. weirdly not as dissimilar to the GOP as it needs to be – after all, they shoved Biden at us, and Biden was not only one of the architects police corruption – increasing their power, and giving them the right to steal people’s property if they even imagine vaguely that it might be “evidence”, etc., but they also, once in office, do the are minimum, and ignore basic shit, like the gutting of the IRS, which has lost the government billions, purely through making it impossible for the agency to investigate cases of tax evasion in thousands of rich people (like.. maybe people in congress, the senate, etc. as well….?)

    Its the party of “burn it down”, vs. the party of, “make minor changes, and tons of concessions, while only pretending to actually want to fix anything”. Anyone that actually really wants to, has no choice but the join the latter, and then struggle to make any positive changes at all, because even if “most” of the party sort of thinks, “Yeah, good idea…”, there is always the “small minority” of the party who vote against it, with the GOP, to stop it happening, so they can wring their hands and go, “Well, we tried. That’s what counts right?”

    I am kind of fed up with this, “We can only do one thing at a time!”, thinking, and the outright lies by some Dems, that they want X, but then do Y. At least the GOP has become honest in that much, “We believe monstrous things!” – they just lie about the consequences of such policy to the public (and Trump was the greatest thing they ever found, until he proved uncontrollable – someone who could lie to every single group about different things, seem like he meant it, and no one seemed to care that everything he said to group A contradicted what groups B, C and D wanted, so it was all impossible bullshit).