Is there any hope for the police?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s good to see someone breaking the “thin blue line” in defense of ordinary decency, though. In this case, a burly police sergeant is bellowing at a man who is arrested, in handcuffs, and in a police car — most ironically, he’s angry that the man “disrespected” one of his fellow officers. Then one of those officers pulls the rager away, which prompts him to then grab her by the throat, an excellent example of disrespecting a police officer.

The woman cop is being praised by her department, and the bad cop has been suspended. That’s the kind of incremental change we need.


  1. Alverant says

    Suspended? Shouldn’t it be “arrested for attacking a police officer”? Guess not. Let me know when the attacker has been arrested and treated the same way one of us would get treated if we choked a cop.

  2. says

    Did he do a bump of meth before that stop? It’s the only way I can see that level of aggression spiraling out of control like that. The suspect was bound and in custody. There is no reason for that sort of behavior. Worse he attacked a fellow officer.

  3. IX-103, the ■■■■ing idiot says

    I’m trying to think what consequences I would face if I were to grab one of my coworkers by the throat. I’m finding that a suspension is very close to the lower end of what I would consider I would likely be facing.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    This will not be the first time he has grabbed someone by the throat. It may not even be the tenth one. It was the first time he grabbed a fellow officer by the throat… at least in front of a camera.

  5. mamba says

    Let’s see, on camera attacking a cop physically and verbally, and trying to cover up evidence of the crime, all clearly recorded with absolutely zero ambiguity.

    If he wasn’t wearing a badge at the time he’d have been fucking shot already! So I assume that he’s under arrest now and will stand trial for the uber-crime of “cop assault” now? 10-25 years according to Judge Dread as a sentencing?

    Oh, what’s that? Crickets? Oh course, i forgot, this is the JUST-US system, as in it works for only the rich and powerful, not you. So the cops have their own laws, and he can assault fellow cops all he wishes with impunity. Why even bother pretending there’s any chance this cop will face any disciplinary or criminal actions at all. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if the VICTIM COP gets charged with “interfering with an arrest” or some other bullshit to remind her that cops should never be questioned by anyone, even by other cops.

  6. christoph says

    Anyone else see signs of steroid abuse with the police Sargent? Overly aggressive, overly developed arm muscles… It’s a problem with a lot of cops, one of the reasons the police unions are so against drug testing for police officers.

  7. johnson catman says

    I am guessing that the “suspended” is actually “suspended but still receiving pay” since he has been “suspended” since November while the “internal investigation” goes on.

  8. Walter Solomon says

    I know the worse part of that is supposed to be the grabbing of the other officer by the throat but let’s not ignore the fact he threatened to murder a man who was in custody while being recorded. I’m glad the junior officer stepped in but someone this hotheaded should not be working any job where he gets to use of firearms and certainly not policing the public. The video would’ve been no less egregious had he not grabbed the lady officer’s throat.

  9. hillaryrettig1 says

    As others have pointed out, the bad cop is still being paid.

    Someone pointed out that, the police chief’s nice words aside, the system as a whole is strongly designed to protect the bad cops, not the good ones.

    Imagine any other job where you could grab a coworker by the throat and not be arrested.

  10. says

    Ray Ceeya:

    Did he do a bump of meth before that stop?


    Anyone else see signs of steroid abuse with the police Sargent?

    I’m with Christoph. It may be fun to joke about meth use, and it’s not out of the question since cops are known to steal from drug dealers and then use/resell the drugs, but this looks more like steroid abuse to me based solely on the ridiculous overdevelopment of those biceps and the intense aggression. I’d expect a methhead to be more paranoid and therefore a bit less likely to manifest aggression in this particular way. Not that folks on meth can’t be aggressive, of course (I’ve worked with them in shelters), but … the mannerisms seem wrong to me based on my experience with meth users. It’s subtle, and I could be wrong, but as a guess I would definitely put forward steroid abuse before meth ab/use.

    I hope this guy does time for assault on a police officer, interfering, and obstruction of justice. Remember that if convicted of a felony, he loses his certification and can no longer work as a cop.

  11. says

    I know the worse part of that is supposed to be the grabbing of the other officer by the throat but let’s not ignore the fact he threatened to murder a man who was in custody while being recorded.

    Whoops, forgot to address this. Yes. I completely agree. He’ll never get prosecuted for it, but he should be. That’s incredibly serious. Thanks for bringing it up and focussing attention on it, Walter Solomon.

  12. christoph says

    @Crip Dyke, WMDKitty: Also, he ORDERED the other cops to turn off their bodycams. It seems they didn’t, which is a good sign.

  13. DanDare says

    @christoph and ordering them to turn off the cams is also a crime.
    Threaten murder of detained prisoner.
    Assaulting a police officer.
    Ordering cams be turned off.
    Rage and loss of control while on duty.
    Results in …

  14. Ted Lawry says

    Note that it was a female officer who intervened. And I thought the men were supposed to be the brave ones!

  15. mamba says

    #18: even worse…suspension WITH PAY. SINCE NOVEMBER!

    In other words, he’s been on paid vacation all this time, and will continue to be on paid vacation while they delay “looking into the matter”, hen he’ll go right back to work. I mean, if it takes them over 5 months to see that a bad thing occurred in the video, they clearly have no intention of fully prosecuting this roided-up cop.

    Assault on a cop and threatening the life of a civilian gets ~1/2 year paid vacation. THAT’S why cops are not respected.