Jordan Peterson’s motivation? I think it’s wrath.

Peterson is really losing it. Here he is in conversation with disgraceful pseudo-journalist Andy Ngo, explaining why Antifa is so evil and animalistic.

You can tell he’s deep-down angry about the existence of the Left — the way his lips writhe as he’s telling his canned Bible story, like some pissed-off backwoods preacher. It’s all about hating god, wouldn’t you know, and Antifa is just an echo of Cain’s sin. Never mind that it’s the other side that’s driving cars into demonstrators and prowling the streets looking for people to beat up. If anything is being echoed here, it’s the Christian martyr complex.

It’s also an indicator of how far the Right as a whole as lost it that these two pathetic, whiny losers are among their heroes.


  1. says

    God I hate that bastard. Him and his killed my friends ciderhouse, because it was a hangout for Anti-Fa. They struck on May First. We were all at the Mayday Rally and afterword went to Cider Riot. The Patriot/Proud rolled in and started that fight. After that Abe’s sales went to next to zero. He sold off in 2019 because after that, because most of the regulars were afraid to go there any more. Andy Ngo is just an Asian Richard Spencer.

  2. raven says

    Portland Anti-Fascist Activist Killed In Hit And Run Outside Cider Riot

    By Rebecca Ellis (OPB) Portland, Ore. Oct. 14, 2019 6 a.m.
    UPDATE (Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. PT) — Portland Police say a prominent anti-fascist activist was killed early Saturday near Cider Riot, a Northeast Portland club and a popular gathering spot for left-wing protestors.

    Sean D. Kealiher, 23, was hit by an SUV a little after midnight. Friends drove him to the hospital, where he died.

    The right wingnut thugs killed more than the bar Cider Riot.

    One night, someone killed an antifa activist outside the bar. The murder weapon, a 2 1/2 ton SUV was found at the scene. There were many witnesses.

    No one was ever arrested for this homicide. I’m sure the Portland police spent more time on where to go for lunch than in investigating this murder.

  3. raven says

    “revenge against God for the crime of Being.”

    This is just an insult. Antifa doesn’t care about god because he is nowhere and does nothing. It is almost like he doesn’t even exist.

    The fascists though, definitely exist, and are wrecking our society any way they can. Andy Ngo is a right wingnut terrorist sympathizer associated with known terrorist groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. They’ve wounded many and killed some people in various confrontations.

  4. wzrd1 says

    So, antifa is evil because of god, so that makes god a fascist?
    Doesn’t that make Hitler his prophet or something? Kinda on the wrong side of history, decency and reality with that nonsense.
    Obviously, thinking things through isn’t his strong point.

  5. mcfrank0 says

    1) I don’t have a problem with God. Things would be a little easier for me if there was one. But the concept just doesn’t make sense, at least not the version I was taught in 12 years of Catholic School. It was learning advanced set theory and the existence of transfinite numbers that clinched it for me. The inherent paradox of the “set of all sets” was the last straw. The funny part is, most children spot this paradox right at a very young age. “If God is all powerful, can he create a spell that he can’t break?” Ineffable is not a proper answer.

    2) PZ puts his finger on something that is definitely not true for “both sides”. The Right wants me to just go away. I want the Right to just shut up and listen.

  6. mcfrank0 says

    From what I can see, it is the Right that is angry. And I believe that their anger is because they know that they have lost the argument. They know that belief is not proof. (And yes, I know what I just did.) Fundamentalism itself is a flawed concept. The belief that any finite book contains all the answers in an infinitely infinite universe makes no sense.

    And I’m not just talking about religion. Science has advanced quite a bit in my own lifetime (I was born in 1955). When I was in grade school I was taught that continental drift and the existence of quarks were controversial proposals. As my education in Math, Physics, and Chemistry proceeded each revelation that “everything you learned up until now is a lie” gave me both a sense of wonder and more than a little bit of resentment. The theorem of incompleteness, in a way, was the last straw.

    But it was my post college reading attempting to understand the advances in quantum mechanics that brought me to this revelation: Science is not actually about discovering “the fundamental laws of nature” — it’s about finding increasingly better descriptions of what we observe. There likely is no fundament. The universe is more wonderful than I can imagine, and my mind can hold infinities.

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 5

    I want the Right to just shut up and listen.

    You’d be wasting your breathe.

  8. mcfrank0 says

    One last thought, and I promise, I’ll stop. Jews believe that God cannot be named (when I was in college my Jewish friends would write g_d, when speaking of God.). Genesis actually explicitly call this out with the whole thing about Adam naming the animals “that he might have power over them”. But God does not have a name, but a reference. (The fact that Genesis uses several different words to reference God is used to demonstrate that it had several different authors.) Jews believe that God exists, but cannot be put in a box. I believe that not being able to be put in a box, no matter how infinite, makes God unknowable. And, as PZ often points out, with our current knowledge, unnecessary.

  9. mcfrank0 says


    I still have hope that I’m not totally wasting my breath, no matter how long winded I get. Going back to the Bible, I’m with Lot. If there is even one person that can be “saved”…

  10. PaulBC says

    Akira MacKenzie@7 How about if they don’t have to listen, but they get out of your life, stop harassing you, and stop trying to regulate your behavior?

    Is that too much?

  11. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 10

    For them? Yes. Remember, these clowns think they have a commission from their Gawd to rule over the world. As long as they live, they will do whatever it takes to obtain and maintain power.

    The same can’t be said for the what passes for a “Left” in America.

  12. StevoR says

    It’s all about hating god, wouldn’t you know, and Antifa is just an echo of Cain’s sin.

    Someone has told these two klowns that Antifa is just short for anti-Fascist and I’m pretty sure a lot of their members are religious just not the exact flavour of religious right?

    They won’t accept that reality will they? I’m guessing Antifa scares them for being anti-fascist and they are – broadly speaking – fascist.

  13. StevoR says

    @9. mcfrank0 :

    Going back to the Bible, I’m with Lot. If there is even one person that can be “saved”…

    Wasn’t that Abra(ha)m arguing with God to save Lot?'s_plea

    Who ultimately proved to be pretty horrible offering his two daughters to a mob fro rape and getting raped by his own daughters after they got him drunk following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah – for those cities arrogance and lack of hospitality and charity – in what amounts to a diss of the ancesotrs of a neighbouring people at the time. (Moabites?)

  14. StevoR says

    Basically saying “nyeh, nyeh, your people all came from incest” which is ironic considering the implications of the one and only first family of Adam and Eve and then Cain who found intimate partners where exactly?

  15. leerudolph says

    StevoR@14: “the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah – for those cities arrogance and lack of hospitality and charity”.

    For reasons having nothing in particular to do with Godtalk (I was trying to use the massive French textual corpora available through Hathitrust/Google Books and Gallica, a free service of the French national library, in order to find out why a Belgian poet writing in 1883 meant describing a character as looking like “an artificial snake”), I stumbled into a Dictionnaire des Apocryphes—not actually a “dictionary”, more of an anthology of nearly a thousand partial books (or fragments of books) that the compilers of the various competing “Bibles” threw out. Among them are several accounts of the destruction of The Cities of The Plain. The only one I read all the way through made it quite clear that the sins of Gomorrah, at least, were inhospitality and commercial dishonesty.

    The book begins with a rug vendor getting into town at sunset, with his stomach empty and his mule tired. He knocks on a door. The man who opens it offers him stabling and hay for the mule, and food, wine, and a bed for the stranger. The next morning the guest wants to be on his way, but his host persuades him to say for another night. This goes on for a few more days. When the guest finally insists on says on leaving, the host demands exorbitant payment for the room, board, and stabling. The guest refuses and goes into the street to ask the neighbors for help. Instead they all join in beating him up, and then drag him to the law courts. The guest pleads for justice. The judge vilifies him, renders judgment in favor of the host and adds a fine to be given to him, the judge, as well. Finally we see the mistreated dealer leaving town (at twilight, again) with no money, and no rugs, left, leading a mule who has been beaten as badly as he himself. [It is possible that I have been an unreliable narrator. But that’s how I remember it.]

    I say, burn it all down!