Brush up on the basics of cephalopod anatomy

Wow. This is a lovely and informative poster.

It’s available as a poster, or a coffee mug, or even as a beach blanket! You know, in case you really wanted to know what superorder of cephalopods was dragging you into the sea.


  1. kingoftown says

    It’s a shame the fossil record for Cephalopod soft anatomy is so bad. Would be interesting to know what the many Ammonoid and Nautiloid species we know of actually looked like, not to mention the nearly complete question mark with Coleoids.

  2. René says

    So that’s what’s it called, a pinhole eye? Never thought of that name for a part of my anatomy.

  3. skeptuckian says

    The Order names in the graphic end in ‘idae” which are typically Family names. According to the Order for octopuses is Octopoda not Octopodae. Has there been a change in naming rules?