The rotten heart of the story

Here’s a painfully long story about a mass murderer, the wretched guy who went on a shooting spree in Denver. It doesn’t need to be so long. We can get the gist of the story from three short paragraphs in the middle.

“He was a dick to women, and he just didn’t really like women at all. He didn’t like women having any kind of say,” said Costilow. “He just did not think a woman should really even speak most of the time; he was just such an asshole.”

The manosphere works as a well-known pipeline to extremist groups, and hatred of women is an entry point for many extremists.

“He actually hated, openly hated women… I never experienced a man who openly showed that he held no respect whatsoever for women,” said Andre Thiele, a German onetime fan of McLeod who interacted with him online and who eventually was turned off by him in late 2020 because of his increasingly extremist views. “And yet he was surrounded by women. He had women supporting him in every horrible situation that he created. He couldn’t have made it one single month in his life without a whole bunch of women constantly supporting him with everything he needed.”

You can stop right there. I’ve got enough information already to understand his twisted motivation. He wasn’t a complex character at all.

Oh, one other piece of information is good to know. He’s dead now, shot by a woman police officer. Somehow, that’s a rare cop killing that seems just.


  1. Walter Solomon says

    It’s long past time that the “manosphere” is considered a hotbed for terrorism just as white supremacist sites are. Far too many violent, homicidal men have been influenced by the MGTOW, “red pill” nonsense of the atmosphere.

  2. PaulBC says

    drew@2 No, it’s not justice, but if it ends a killing spree and saved lives, it’s a good development (whether it’s done by a cop or anyone else). These are rare circumstances and give me no glee. I mean, I’m not big into revenge either. I am relieved this one guy isn’t still out there killing people. That’s it.

  3. Ted Lawry says

    I wonder if “toxic masculinity” will become the next GOP boogeyman like CRT or “wokeness.” I doubt that it would work for them, everyone knows that toxic masculinity is all too real.

  4. PaulBC says

    Walter Solomon@3 I enjoyed The Matrix when it came out, but the more I hear “red pill” the ickier I feel about liking it. Of course, the idea that we’re living in a simulation is old hat science fiction from long before The Matrix. Holy shit, it’s a lot older than that. It’s Plato’s Allegory of the Cave or maya in Hinduism.

    Why these assholes had to settle on one lame metaphor from a movie, I don’t know. Should I blame the creator of The Matrix for this? I guess they’d have come up with something else without it.


  5. Walter Solomon says

    PaulBC @6

    Personally, I never saw Matrix as anything more than an enjoyable, sci-fi action film so it still surprises me when people talk about how life changing it was.

    I don’t believe the film is at fought for the hateful idiots who appropriated a single, insignificant part of it for something awful. It seems anything in fiction can be misappropriated by various parties for nefarious purposes. Just look at Pepe the Frog for for example. I’ve also read that Frank Herbert’s Dune is a favorite among white nationalists for some reason.

  6. angoratrilobite says

    I just… I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why someone can have so much hate. I just don’t understand why people had to die because of someone’s hate. He seemed to just hate everything and everyone and it makes no sense. What makes someone evil?

  7. brightmoon says

    A violent abusive misogynist shot by a woman. Good! The whole incel MGTOW nonsense idea is that women shouldn’t be able to protect themselves from a- holes men. We’re also supposed to be submissive according to fundie nutcases . Things like this make me furious that guys like him get women because we’re still teaching women to be less than. I’m not sorry he’s dead , one less abuser to deal with.

  8. StevoR says

    @ ^ WMDKitty — Survivor : Thirding brightmoon here.

    The Incel murderer was warped by something and became someone hateful who caused a lot of people pain and would have almost certainly kept doing so until stopped by something. It isn’t impossible that he might have had a revelation and changed but it does seem very unlikely and he would have very likely kept causing huge harm to others had he lived.

    @2. drew : “Cops killing people is, at best, revenge, never justice.”

    Nitpick, sorry but at best, actually its legitimate self-defence or defence of others. Not revenge but a very last resort to stop someone about to kill you or others. Although I guess you can argue about shooting to wound or – unrealistically – shooting guns out of hands etc.. rather than fatal shots.

    @ 8. Walter Solomon : “I’ve also read that Frank Herbert’s Dune is a favorite among white nationalists for some reason.”

    I suspect because of its breeding program to produce a superman aspect (the Kiwisatz haderach – Paul Atriedes), the White Savuiour, the crusades and holy wars being necessary and unavoidable maybe,.. the emphasis on people’s gentics changing & space nobility – aristocratic titles and empire with a medievial type mindset in the extremely distant future.. Didn’t know that but my guesses.

  9. Rich Woods says

    @Walter Solomon #8:

    I’ve also read that Frank Herbert’s Dune is a favorite among white nationalists for some reason.

    Probably because it’s about an ubermensch restoring glory to a downtrodden people before leading them upon a galactic conquest and becoming a god.

  10. wzrd1 says

    I’ve met pretty much every flavor of monster humanity has to offer and frankly, I really don’t give a shit how the cancer is excised, just that it is excised and gone. I got out of the shit giving business many decades ago.
    So, the earlier they’re gone, the less victims are left in their destructive wake.

  11. Walter Solomon says

    StevoR @12 & Rich Woods @13

    I guess I can see the appeal of the book for them. I shake my head at the conceit of white supremacists believing they’re the “downtrodden” deserving and in need of a savior.