1. seachange says

    There’s a typo in problem Two c about albinism in humans.
    You have written “all three children are wild type” but there are actually six children so the word “all” is being abused here. You have forced the student (and me) to read your mind. (if you explained this was an error, it was not audible to me and you didn’t mark over the wrong word projected onto your whiteboard)

    Your students don’t seem capable of multiplying fractions and then simplifying fractions quickly in their head?

  2. seachange says

    Verbally communicating the difference between long/vestigial locus is a pain in the butt. Do geneticists ever substitute out one variable for the other, so you can start out the problem saying let Vg=Sigma and let vg=sigma? Or does this hurt the feelings of the original namer of the allele?