Monitoring our grandchild’s media consumption

We had learned that our granddaughter Iliana is getting into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so last night my wife and I watched a couple of episodes so that we could talk intelligently about it with her. I was shocked. The show is clearly socialist propaganda intended to promote communal solidarity and mutual aid. The whole story is antithetical to its capitalist origins as a marketing tool for a toy line.

We approve of this subversion.

The one question I have, though, is why haven’t the Republicans banned it yet? It’s a brilliant attempt to infiltrate the minds of our children.

P.S. I think Iliana is a real Pinkie Pie.


  1. Snarki, child of Loki says

    CLEARLY a gateway drug to “furry-dom”, which seems to be on it’s way the the RWNJ outrage of the week.

  2. Ada Christine says

    @2. my interpretation: they see it’s no longer gaining them points to hate trans people directly, so they shift that hatred to something they think to be equivalent. there’s enough evidence in various scumhives online that this is a key purpose, and the whole hoax about the school in michigan allegedly installing litterboxes in unisex bathrooms and lowering cafeteria tables for students that “identify as cats” is painfully obvious

  3. lotharloo says

    Our daughter is also massively into MLP and we know probably close to 50 ponies, and she knows their names and cuties marks and what not. I also approve of the show even though it has its flaws. But it is certainly a much more intelligent show compared to ones directed at boys.

  4. apsalartoll says

    Check out MLP: A New Generation. It’s straight up anti-fascist with a message that the only way to thrive is to celebrate our differences and work together. And also don’t try to sweep the wrongs of the past under the rug.

  5. raven says

    What happened to Sesame Street?

    I thought that was the children’s show that the right wingnuts hated the most.

  6. gjakab says

    It’s a fun show, with plenty of likeable characters and good humor. There were occasional dud episodes (there are bound to be some over nine seasons), but on the whole it remained enjoyable from start to finish.

    Also on a technical level, the voice acting is top-notch, and the animation is surprisingly good for something done in Flash.

  7. microraptor says

    There are also a pair of excellent comic book crossovers between MLP and Transformers by IDW Publishing (which has nothing to do with the Intellectual Dork Web): Friendship in Disguise and The Magic of Cybertron. Good stuff if you’re fans of either G1 Transformers or MLP.

  8. says

    @#10, raven:

    What happened to Sesame Street?
    I thought that was the children’s show that the right wingnuts hated the most.

    Now that it’s made by HBO, and only secondarily shown by PBS, they can rest assured that it won’t make any attempts to address changes to the status quo (like having — Ugh! Bring the fainting couch and the smelling salts! — autistic characters added to the cast) and will eventually have its cast changed so that all the main characters are white-, heterosexual-, cissexual-, and Christian-coded whenever it is possible to do so. If there isn’t product placement yet, that will be coming, too, and then they can even bring pressure to bear through the sponsors.

  9. seachange says

    PZ asks:why haven’t the Republicans banned it yet?

    Because it is aimed at girls, and they those same Republicans are dead certain that girls don’t matter. Because bronys exist, and therefore if some guys can be said to like it, while it is weird and kinky it must be okay as far as the economics are concerned.

    @18 deleted this depends on your interpretation of the fascist nature of the concept of ‘cutie mark’ something that the show takes both sides on over the years in true fairy tale fashion, and what it means to take one of them away from somepony without consent or due compensation.