The environment defines my plans for the day

After my successful foray into the world of walking yesterday, I’m thinking today might be a good day to cower in my office: it’s -18°C out there, the snow is coming down, and we’ve got blizzard conditions. The spiders are warm, my lab still has no running water, and I’ve got to prep the first couple of weeks of lectures for genetics. It’s also snug and warm in my home office, and these fuzzy slippers are kind of cozy, and I’ve got a big cup of coffee. What more could I ask for?


  1. robro says

    It’s not -18°C outside (a balmy +11°C) and no blizzard (merely damp and drizzly) where I’m at, but I still favor my home office. It’s an easy walk down the hall to food and my musically instruments are close by in case I get the urge to sing a song or two between doing my job. Now if I can just convince my bosses that this is a better arrangement than making me come into the office three days a week.

  2. azpaul3 says

    What more could I ask for?

    Ohh, if you are really at a loss, here, Doctor, I think you could ask for a nice hot apple cyder and then a rather largish slab of Dutch Double Chocolate cake, warmed, of course. These types of thoughts should be standard for you. But, no. You spend too much of your imagination on classes and creepy-crawly things and not enough on yourself. There you go. Cyder and cake. Or, coke and kiwi scones. Whatever.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    You need a couple more cats (preferably cats that have no problem accepting the company of your extant cat) who like curling up in the lap of bearded professors.

  4. says

    Dammit. Just got an email that I have to revise my syllabus to add a longish section on “course objectives”. Syllabi are already bloated enough, now I need to add more crap that the students won’t read?

  5. Ridana says

    Are you even allowed coffee on that weird diet you’re on? I’m sure the Dutch Double Chocolate cake suggestion is right out, yes?

  6. steve1 says

    If you were in Texas with weather like that you would be forced to book a hotel in Cancun and hunker down and bang out your revised syllabus.