1. azpaul3 says

    I would be torn by this. While I love to see these guys get their own mud thrown on them, I wonder if giving him the publicity is worth the effort. He doesn’t care what anybody says or thinks of him and the attention he will get from this is more to his narcissistic benefit than warranted.

    Well, when you see a spider you gotta stomp on it. Hovind is the spider. Stomp on him.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    azpaul3 @ # 1 – Of all the analogies you could have used, why did you pick the one most likely to fail with our esteemed host?

  3. billseymour says

    I was particularly taken with the woman who was a former creationist (I’m horrible with names) and talked about her own experience and how she was motivated by fear of going to Hell if she didn’t believe correctly.  I’ve often seen fundies as pridefully and willfully ignorant.  Could it be that their ignorance isn’t so much prideful as it is fearful?

    PZ reinforced that towards the end where he mentioned that he’d had three (IIRC) students drop his course because it was destroying their faith, and that was more important to them than knowledge.  I think PZ described that as tragic.  That was my immediate reaction as well.