It may be cold out there, but this is fake

So stop sending it to me!

I have no idea how that could have formed naturally, but the first big clue that it’s fake is the lack of provenance. The second clue is the shape of the capture lines — this was made by someone who never really looked at an orb web. A third clue is that when you look for where it came from, you discover that it’s cropped to remove the ice sculpture of a giant spider at the bottom. Or you find that an entomologist had already debunked it.


  1. dontlikeusernames says

    Kind of funny that this makes the same mistake that people do when drawing Christmas Trees.

  2. says

    Carve it in clay, make a silicone mold, pour water in, let it harden.

    I bet molds for that would be a business opportunity for someone who likes crafting. Until, I mean, everyone ripped it off.

  3. unclefrogy says

    I first went wow what am image! better then most Halloween decorations. if it were a spider created web it would probably look more like a frozen giant snowflake with a very regular geometric pattern like ice crystals extending out instead of dew drops.I like it better then f’n rudolf for sure