Anti-vaxxers have come to this

They aren’t just refusing to get vaccinated themselves, they aim to waste vaccines so others can’t get them.

A disturbing post has been circulating on Facebook which encourages anti-vaxxers to book Covid-19 vaccination appointments and not show up in a bid to ‘waste’ supply.

The Facebook user has screenshot a Geelong Advertiser article about hundreds of vaccine no-shows in Victoria and written “How to play their game” over the image.

Comments on the post, which is captioned “do it!”, include “great idea”, “just made a booking” and “maybe we should flood their phones with fake bookings and fake names and phone numbers.”

First of all, fuck Facebook.

But secondly, what slime-filled dark cave are these people crawling out of? How have we ended up with a significant fraction of the people denying the efficacy of modern medicine (not even that modern, actually), and why can’t they just die already?


  1. says

    Yes, these fuckwits are the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-everything fools in my state. The Murdoch press and the equivalent of Fox News have only encouraged them in their neo-Luddism. Hopefully few vaccines are expiring due to no-show appointments, but we’ve had major problems getting public health messages from the state government out through the press, because the state government is the wrong party as far as Rupert and Lachlan, and their minions, are concerned.

  2. says

    I recently heard a radio interview with an anti-vaxxer whose sister (a woman in her 40ties) died the next day after her second AstraZeneca shot. There were no signs of murder, thus police didn’t demand an autopsy. The guy didn’t want to pay extra morgue expenses for additional days required to arrange an autopsy. Thus the dead woman got cremated. Nobody knows the cause of her death. But here we have this dude speaking on radio (and journalists allowing him to do so) about how his sister was killed by a COVID vaccine.

    With journalists like these, I am not surprised about how uneducated people are. It is so immensely depressing. If only majority of people got vaccinated, we could return back to (mostly) normal life. But no, we have to continue distancing and people keep on dying.

  3. acroyear says

    Since this is designed to cost the governments and the insurance companies money, isn’t FB allowing these posts effectively engaging in an activity designed to commit fraud?

    Even in Australia, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal…

  4. Snarki, child of Loki says

    When COVID-19 hybridizes with Ebola and Rabies (yeah, yeah, but those viruses are real sluts when it comes to swapping genomic info), to create the highly-transmissible, high mortality COVBOLABIES-23, the anti-vaxxers will soon be removed from this life. And lots of others.

    You can tell that many of them have just barely sub-clinical rabies right now, so the incubator is primed.

  5. blf says

    I wonder if a system similar-ish to that here in France would stop(? reduce?) this sabotage? Here, to make an appointment, you have(?) to use one of the systems tied-into the national healthcare (e.g., Doctolib, which is what I used). That means faking your identity is difficult. You still could, of course, not show up, but a pattern of doing so should be detectable and presumably makes penalties are possible. I don’t know if this is a problem / phenomenon here in France — or indeed elsewhere in the EU (or teh “U”K) — albeit what is a problem is people with (writable) access to the database generating false vaccination certificates (sold for many euros(€), whilst the vaccination is free). There has also been some cases of cloned / stolen proof-of-vaccination, albeit the only cases in France I know of to-date are high-profile figures such as President Macron (whose QR code was apparently stolen), and a Minister who failed to shield his QR code from the cameras.

  6. lumipuna says

    Not that I expect this sort of sabotage to have any major impact worldwide but…

    presumably, one of the biggest effects would be more taxpayer money spent on buying vaccines from Evil Big Pharma co.

  7. raven says

    But secondly, what slime-filled dark cave are these people crawling out of?

    Almost of them are fundie xians, at least in the USA. Their social media accounts are always full of god and jesus this and pray for us that. And when they die, they are with jesus in heaven and please contribute to the Gofundme account for funeral expenses.

    That account of someone dying the next day or week after a vaccine shot is generic. It’s always someone’s friend, or friend of a friend, or a relative. There is never any actual proof that the person ever even existed, much less died.
    The antivaxxers lie and then lie some more. It’s all they have so it is all they do.
    Without any proof or documentation, you can assume it was imaginary.

    The hospitals are overrun with antivaxxers dying from Covid-19 virus. They are not overrun with people with Covid-19 vaccine injuries.

  8. raven says

    It is actually worse than just maliciously wasting vaccine doses.
    There have been many attacks on the centers distributing vaccines by the antivaxxers.

    Santa Clarita Authorities Investigate Brazen Attack of 2 Workers › news › local › santa-clar…

    … at COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. The LA County run COVID vaccination clinic had to close early when a couple of their workers were attacked.

    This is a typical attack. A guy in an SUV drove through a vaccine center and hit two of the workers. They weren’t too badly injured but that was the end of their work day.
    As usual, although there were many witnesses and all cars have license plates, the police never managed to find the attacker.
    I’m sure the police spent far more time on where to go for lunch than finding him.

  9. blf says

    Albeit the post at is a bit hard to follow, it seems a nutcase’s family is responsibly pushing back, Luis Ewing, 59, Tacoma, WA, pro se litigator, in ICU w/ COVID. “Against his will”: “Luis’ family have taken over his hospitalization and they are keeping the activists who are trying to save Luis from his Medical Kidnapping at bay.” Mr Ewing is apparently “a piece of work. Apparently he used to be a lawyer but ‘gave up’ his State Bar License so he can pursue law without all the, well, laws. For some reason he keeps beating his chest that he is the sole person capable of ending all mask and vaccine mandates by using constitutional law.” Some examples of his rants at the site. Nonetheless, congratulations to his (apparently) more sensible family.

  10. says

    If that pharmacist in Wisconsin can be criminally charged, then maybe anyone who intentionally wastes vaccines should face similar charges. Australia has a medicare system with cards and registration. Give them a two strikes rule: the first time you miss without good reason, you can’t book an appointment for two months. Miss a second time, and you’ll face criminal charges, the same as if you coughed on someone.

    It’s appalling that Dr. Hasan Gokal faced greater repercussions for giving away vaccines that would have gone to waste than those who intentionally waste them.

  11. says


    please contribute to the Gofundme account for funeral expenses.

    Makes me wonder how many of those are grifters that have figured out you can make a pretty penny off dead relatives.

  12. F.O. says

    How have we ended up with a significant fraction of the people denying the efficacy of modern medicine

    Let’s see.

    An education system that is content with keeping people easily manipulable, to make it a bit easier for those in power to stay in power.

    A greed-driven information system that rewards engagement over education.

    What else am I missing?

  13. says

    Definitely fuck Facebook. I’m on a 30 day ban for the simple suggestion that the way to deal with extreme -right anti-vaxxers who battled with police and vandalised a war memorial is to simply shoot them. I think thats a perfectly reasonable suggestion given that some of the people behind this protest have expressed similar sentiments towards peole who don’t shre their extremist views. Indeed at least one of them was arrested on his way to a protest with a handgun. That’s a serious offense in Australia. When his home was raided they found neo-Nazi literature and explosives. Meanwhile the vermin that promote their hatred, bigotry and ignorance are free to post their toxic garbage.

  14. Kagehi says

    @3 acroyear

    Short answer = No, not legally.

    Longer answer – The protections afforded to websites that host content, and to IPs as well, and prevent massive “government” censorship (unless its “accepted forms of censorship”, like done to appease advertisers, and has seen some forms of content all but banned many places, unlike hate speech, or this crap), is used as a shield by the honest, to prevent attacks on things that the GOP would otherwise fight to ban directly, like Porn, but also by Fakebook, and the like, to shield themselves from liability for intentionally allowing the spread of lies, misinformation, and idiocy.

    So, like always, a necessary tool intended to protect free speech is being misused to protect crime (since the means to stop it then becomes either the site deciding to stop it, which they won’t, or the law nailing those responsible, instead of going after the site).

  15. stuffin says

    I’ve been vaccinated, the government has full control of my mind now, those people should just submit and get it over with.

    AND FUCK FACEBOOK, this is why I never participate in social media, wat tooo many assholes.

  16. says

    Just read this.

    A man in his 80s was exposed to a rabid bat. The man declined treatment, developed rabies symptoms a month later and then died.

    Now, the linked article doesn’t say why he declined treatment. Maybe he was tired of life, or he was afraid he couldn’t aford the treatment. But dying of a preventable disease sounds like a waste.