Science words!

You don’t need to understand the meaning, as long as you string together a few science terms you learned in grade school, it must be true.

Do I really need to say it? Being injected with an RNA vaccine does not replace your entire nuclear genome with RNA.

Although…it does make me wonder what would happen if a magic enzyme added a hydroxyl group to all your ribose sugars to convert DNA to RNA. Yeah, changing the chemical properties of all of your chromosomes to make them more labile and prone to rapid breakdown and unrecognizable to most of the key proteins for transcription, among other things, would be kind of catastrophic and thermodynamically costly.

There’s probably some vicious Hebrew abuse going on there, too, but I wouldn’t know.

Wait, does this mean that when you die, your soul retains some kind of DNA-based organic structure?

No, stop, don’t over-think this. Trying to puzzle out serious meaning from that text leads to madness.


  1. Snarki, child of Loki says

    The cRAzY comment does explain why “R” is evil and “D” is good.
    It just doesn’t have anything to do with biology, and everything to do with politics.

  2. hemidactylus says

    So it’s entirely outside the realm of possibility that vaccine RNA could get reverse transcribed into a somatic cell and become a useless stretch of genome?

    Or merely that affinity maturation processes in lymphocytes involving potential hypermutation might result from exposure to antigen acting as a selective agent. Would developmental shuffling of antibody relevant gene segments count since the subset of diversity generated that is better adapted to the spike protein survives in the lymphocyte memory pool?

  3. ORigel says

    So an angel/human hybrid race of GIANTS is developing/administering the mRNA vaccines? They must be masters of disguise– able to appear as regular humans while really being bloodthirsty demigod brutes.

  4. says

    I’m starting to wonder if terms like AT Field and Evangelion are going to come up.

    Of course, I’m curious about the whole thing about needing DNA to get into heaven. If it was that easy to prevent someone from getting into heaven, why would the devil ever bother with personalized temptation? Do spiritual beings run on regular cell biology? Are midichlorians real?

  5. says

    @Giliell Now I’m thinking of that comic panel. “But I don’t want to cure cancer, I want to turn people into dinosaurs!”

  6. Reginald Selkirk says

    Those Fallen Angels must be busy, because DNA doesn’t do much without RNA. Other than the genome, there is messenger RNA, tRNA, various catalytic cofactors, ATP which is the “energy currency of the cell”, a few ribozymes here and there…

  7. blf says

    Teh m in mRNA STrands fuor micro as, in microCH1P ; pROvinng Nilll Dooor& his e-veil miniors is ingectering US wiht thuse!!1!!!!. &it deleats your onw RNA to;. soo canz subestoot with it’s DNA—turing u into a. newt, likes i seen inside moveis BUt ur not got bestter. Beecumimg a athiset zoombe stariNG A TTHE electrunik gune pontiing toow ur feace EVRADDay.!....,

    (I think I need a lie down after just typing that…)

  8. says

    What is it with people who spout magical bullshit like this? Would it traumatize them to accept that ANYTHING in the universe is arbitrary? Some people seem like that, to life to be bearable, everything in the universe must be connected in some giant tapestry of mystical, esoteric meaning. Jordan Peterson writes books about how Western Civilization™ is collapsing due to a lack of belief in a mystical inner meaning connecting everything in existence. A thing cannot just be a thing.

  9. Alex the Pretty Good says

    So according to that logic, Donald was good and Ronald was evil?
    Sounds half right to me…

  10. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    oh I see,,,DNA strands are the [golden tickets] God wove into our cells to distinguish HIS creatures from the Devil spawn masquerading as humans. I have the magic eye seeing through their schemes as they party together under the sign of the G O P.
    ouch that brain fart really hurt. You that came from my bowels as excrement. Excuse me from unloading it here

  11. DonDueed says

    hemidactylus @4:
    Whoa, you’re way too good at this. I know a couple of journals that would be proud to publish your work.

  12. raven says

    Gibberish by a near illiterate.

    Most of the vaccines we are using to protect against the Covid-19 virus aren’t even mRNA vaccines.
    The J&J, AstraZeneca, and one of the Russian ones are Adenovirus vector vaccines.
    The Chinese and another Russian one are inactivated whole virus vaccines.
    There are two subunit protein vaccines in late stage clinical trials, Novavax and Sanofi.

  13. raven says

    Information from a forum used by Covid-19 virus medical workers indicates that the patients they are seeing in the ER and hospital now are younger. As expected, since uptake of vaccine by older Americans was quite high at 80%.

    Many of them are also Covid-19 virus deniers and/or antivaxxers. Even as they die, they still don’t believe the Covid-19 virus exists and wouldn’t take the vaccine anyway.
    There isn’t enough data to estimate how many of the dead are Covid-19 virus deniers but a wild guess is at least in the thousands.

    We are on track here that in a few months most of the people in the hospital with Covid-19 virus are going to be deniers and antivaxxers.
    Ignorance kills.

  14. llyris says

    It’s obvious, isn’t it? If you let anything enter your body that is wrong DNA/RNA/other, it will infect your cells and make you non human and unable to enter the kingdom of god. These Christian’s haven’t been real humans since they started solids – their cells have been converted to sheep and cattle and pineapples.
    They think they’re being logical, but haven’t made it to the logical conclusion. Probably because pineapples are a bit thick in the brain department.

  15. drsteve says

    mRNA stands for messenger RNA, one of the three major types of RNA in the cell, classified by their different functions in the gene expression machinery — basially mRNA is an intermediate copy of a gene’s coding sequence, transcribed from the genome, and is then itself translated into a protein by molecular machinery that includes the other two RNA types among its components.

  16. says

    Dear anti-vaxxers:

    Thank you for volunteering for a covid exposure experiment. Years from now doctors will study you to learn the virus’s long-term pathologies.

    It is unethical to deliberately assign people to such an experiment, but when it happens by accident or folly, then it’s an opportunity for medicine to acquire valuable data not legally obtainable otherwise.

    Dear covid guinea pigs, your sacrifice of health and lifespan will serve to advance medical science. Rest assured that examining your cases will turn a profit for Big Pharma.

    But be warned: yours is not informed consent. Also, try not to breed variants which then infect non-volunteers.

  17. ionopachys says

    I hate to be a spoil-sport, but do you have the original source? I would like to show this to a friend, but the only source I could find was a “funny pictures” site, and while I know that there are lots of nuts who believe crazy things like this, I really don’t want to be caught disseminating a fake.

  18. says

    Not sure what Brian studied, but it sure made his brains rot.

    raven@18: I guess we should say that nobody deserves to die of COVID-19. But it is more than just ignorance, because we all start out ignorant. It is more like a refusal to educate themselves. And even worse, a refusal to consider that more lives then their own are at stake.

    There are some family members in their eighties whom I haven’t visited in over a year for fear of contaminating them with a disease they might not survive. So I find it kind of hard to muster sympathy for virus deniers and anti-vaxxers who insist on shooting for a Darwin award.

  19. raven says

    More Plague Rats.
    This is a hardcore fundie church, Assemblies of god.

    74 get COVID-19 at church that sued last year in effort overturn Oregon restrictions
    by The Associated Press Thursday, May 6th 2021

    SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Oregon health officials say at least 74 people linked to a church in Salem have contracted COVID-19.

    The Oregon Health Authority started investigating the outbreak at the People’s Church on April 6, The Statesman Journal reported. The state did not release information about the outbreak until Wednesday.

    The church’s website and Facebook page indicates in-person services and events continue to be held there including Mother’s Day services scheduled for Sunday. Officials at Peoples Church declined to respond to questions from the newspaper or acknowledge their specific outbreak.

    “We are concerned about the COVID-19 surge in Oregon. This statewide increase has impacted our entire region, including our church family,” church spokesman Brent Kintz said in an email on behalf of church leadership.

    Last year, People’s Church joined nine other Oregon churches in a legal effort to overturn Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 restrictions. The complaint, filed by California-based Pacific Justice Institute, argued that restrictions on churches violate constitutional protections for religious freedom.

    According to the church’s Facebook page, Lead Pastor Scott Erickson and his wife, Bonnie, both were hospitalized with COVID-19 last month.

  20. birgerjohansson says

    To convert RNA to DNA you have to add “ruach” (the breath of El/Yaweh). And Jared Kushner sold all the US supplies of ruach to Putin. So you do not have to worry.

  21. blf says

    @32, “To convert RNA to DNA you have to add ‘ruach’…”

    Another method is to deform the R into D. (Technically, mR into D.) Not that difficult, just pull down on the loop and push the provocatively-angled leg into the vertical strut — not too dissimilar to eating a somewhat messy taco, but probably less tasty and with fewer napkins.

  22. hemidactylus says

    @28 christoph

    Well in the latter scenario it would be to what extent if any that exposure to spike protein antigen triggers hypermutation in lymphocytic DNA. If it does, then in a very narrow technical sense the COVID vaccines can be said to change our DNA (in limited parts of the genome of specific types of somatic cells thus not crossing Into the germline).