In case you were wondering how I would celebrate my birthday…

I regret to report that I did not complete my grading yesterday. I was up late slogging through it all, but it was a long exam and a lot of students and a couple of the questions involved careful calculations that I had to trace through, and so I only got halfway through the stack. Today, I try to finish it.

Unfortunately, on Tuesdays I have a long morning class starting shortly, and I have a lab most of the afternoon, and I have to attend two senior seminars, so I’m going to be working late again.

I estimate that maybe I can spare a half hour around noon. So, lunch. Which because of my advanced age and feeble condition will probably consist of a lump of fiber.

Yay. Birthday. They just get better every year.


  1. opposablethumbs says

    They just get better every year.
    Yes, yes they do :-\

    Hope you get a break and a chance to enjoy the evening at least!

  2. azpaul3 says

    Happy birthday to you!

    (cue streamers, horns and bottle rockets of all colors.)

  3. nomdeplume says

    Not only do they get “better” every year but the intervals between them grow increasingly short. Happy Birthday young man!

  4. PaulBC says

    Well, a fiber lump beats a fibrous lump, which beats a malignancy. So I’d say you have it pretty good!