No spiders today šŸ˜¢

The sun is shining! It’s warm outside! My lab spiders are busily constructing new webs! But I have vowed that I shall get completely caught up on grading my introductory biology class, Fundamentals of Genetics, Evolution, and Development. Yes, I shall clear that nagging notification in Canvas that I have this one long assignment to complete grading.

Then, tomorrow, by Grabthar’s Hammer, I shall get totally caught up on Genetics grading! Indeed, it shall be done. I want to have one day with no pending grading left to do. On that day I shall wallow in spiders all day long.

And then I will assign more homework. It never ends.

But for now, yeesh but it looks nice out there, like I ought to strip down to shorts and a camera bag and dive into some tick-infested brush, or something fun like that.


  1. wajim says

    “Fundamentals of Genetics, Evolution, and Development.” Fascinating stuff, and I am certain my own training is painfully obsolete some 25 years after I took such a course. But man, that title makes me so very happy I’m not in college anymore

  2. christoph says

    If it helps, I rescued a pholcid from my shower this morning. It’s still too cold to put them outside, so I put her in the pantry out of reach of the cats.