In honor of Adnan Oktar’s prison sentence

This Sunday at 6am Central, let’s talk about a little historical creationism. Ken Ham is going to hate me for saying this (he probably already does), but he and Adnan Oktar have a lot in common: both have simply stolen recent crude theological assumptions and crafted them into particularly silly dogma.


  1. PaulBC says

    Oktar cuts a more dashing figure. Unless that really is Ham with some beard and eyebrow dye. Has anyone seen them together?

  2. PaulBC says

    Ray Ceeya@1 What scares me about Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton is that they seem to have been groomed intentionally by the Federalist Society and gone on to get fancy Ivy League degrees even if their folksy names and home states deflect from this fact. Obviously, they didn’t pick their birth names, but it wouldn’t surprise me that it went into the kind of support they received from whoever was shaping their careers. Given a short list of 20 promising students, those kind of names stand out.

    Interestingly, Cotton (whose China bashing sounds like racism to me) split with Hawley on participating in Trump’s coup attempt. So there is some daylight between them. I hope Hawley pays a stiff price, though I don’t expect it. He certainly looks like Nazi in that photo.

  3. says

    @3 PaulBC
    Uncle Tom Cotton is another POS who has to go.
    Hawley is completely invested in the dream/nightmare of turning the US into a theocracy and everything that goes along with it. Mostly subjugation of women. The fact that people still think like that in the 21st century is terrifying.

  4. nomdeplume says

    What a pity Oktar wasn’t put in jail for promoting “creationist anti-science”. And time Ken Ham was jailed again for the same reason. These people are doing so much damage to society.

  5. billseymour says

    Hawley is the junior senator who does not represent me.

    My senior senator, Roy Blunt, is also pretty far to the right, but at least he’s not as utterly shameless and pridefully idolatrous of himself as is Hawley.

    PaulBC @3:

    … groomed intentionally by the Federalist Society and gone on to get fancy Ivy League degrees …

    I suppose it’s possible that he paid others to take his tests and write his papers, but I doubt it.  It’s also reported that he clerked for John Roberts, and I’d guess that you can’t fake your way through that.

    So he’s probably a competant lawyer, which in turn implies that he’s good at crafting arguments given conclusions.  That seems to me like a tie-in to Ham et al. 8-)

  6. PaulBC says

    billseymour@7 “Groomed” doesn’t mean he cheated. He wrote a book about Teddy Roosevelt too. My point is he’s not a dimwit, and that makes it a lot worse. Same with Tom Cotton. Big guy with a stare like Jethro, but yes he’s smart and “well-educated.” Elite schools are a means of entering privileged circles, and I suspect that the Federalist Society is very consciously exploiting this.

  7. says

    That’s what makes it all the more terrifying. These men are well educated and well connected. That combined with their atrocious beliefs regarding race, religion, gender and sexuality spells danger.

  8. John Morales says

    Ray, you left out a word.

    That combined with their professed atrocious beliefs regarding race, religion, gender and sexuality spells danger.

  9. KG says

    Well, John Morales@11, you could say that about anyone, couldn’t you? How do we know you’re not a bleeding-heart humanitarian, or a sincere and dedicated Satanist or revolutionaery Marxist, pretending to be the cold fish you present yourself, as for some strategic purpose? I’d say we have much more information on the likes of Hawley and Cotton than we do on you.