Has Gary Trudeau been shopping in Morris?

This looks familiar.

Hey! I’ve been yelled at for wearing a mask! And last time I visited our local grocery store, I saw a lot of people “wearing” the required masks…over their chins. Apparently, a lot of the locals have their respiratory pathways routed through their mandibles.


  1. raven says

    Can’t they count to at least 10?
    Doesn’t look like it.

    The toll of people I know personally who have caught the Covid-19 virus is going up.
    One lost parts of her lower limbs to blood clots and is now learning to walk again with prosthetics.
    Another now has a cardiac pacemaker due to heart damage from the virus. It goes well with the lung damage he also has from the ventilator.
    A few are dead.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Average Trumpist: “YOU SEE! Those America-hating, God-denying, Antifa-Marxists want us to die from the imaginary pandemic they made up! THEY’RE THE REAL BIGOTS!!!”

  3. raven says

    At least mask wearing is high where I live on the coast.
    Not 100%, but the occasional kook not wearing one stands out and sometimes the store employees will hand them a mask and ask them to put it on.

    As Paul Krugman pointed out, the USA and the plague rats are failing the marshmallow test. The marshmallow test is given to young children to test self control and cognitive abilities.
    They can have one marshmallow now, or two marshmallows in 15 minutes.

    The vaccines are now being distributed as fast as possible. Which turns out to not be very fast. This is not the time to get the virus, get sick, and perhaps become permanently disabled or dead.
    Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!!!

  4. chigau (違う) says

    Sign in one of my local shops:
    If you refuse to wear a mask due to “concerns” your brain won’t get enough oxygen … It’s pretty clear that ship has sailed.
    Canada, of course.

  5. nomadiq says

    Trump considers martial law while wearing a mask is considered tyranny. Large segments of the US seem totally lost. I don’t know how you unfuck that kind of mind. It takes years. It’s like how do you stop a Yankees fan from being a Yankees fan? These people see politics as ‘sides’ (we all do to a certain extent deep down) but large segments of the right are just completely and totally in. Nothing else matters so long as the team wins. They are convinced it is their win as well.

    Yell at someone wearing a mask and you ‘win’. Owning a straw man lib and you ‘win’. What do they win? Only a sense of belonging – arguably the most powerful emotion to humans – at the expense of justice and respect for others. The desire to belong to the group is stronger than the desire to respect and protect it. Again, how do you unfuck that?

  6. PaulBC says

    I wonder what would happen if you (dishonestly) wore a T-shirt or message on the mask that said you just got an organ transplant and were immunosuppressed. It might create enough cognitive dissonance that people would either assume you were lying and start yelling at you anyway (or demand proof), or just go nuts not being able to vent. (Whereas before the pandemic, even in red states they’d have either left you alone or even been supportive.)

    People are sometimes a little careless about masks around here (SF Bay Area) but nobody attacks you for wearing one. I can’t even imagine that. Things are worse, not better. My wife and I now wear face shields in addition to masks for Costco trips. There seemed to be a few more face shields last time though they are uncommon.

  7. davidc1 says

    @7 Yeah ,same over here in GB with those britshitters ,their default response to question about why they voted leave is is “We won ,you lost ,get over it ,remoaner “.

  8. blf says

    There seems to be almost no not-wearing in the S.France village where I live, and a rather low incidence of improper (e.g., below the nose) mask-wearing. I presume this is fairly representative of all of (mainland?) France, albeit there have been anti-mask demonstrations (elsewhere in France) in the past. France replaced its second lockdown with a nationwide 8pm–6am curfew (except Dec 24th evening), and judging by the absence of noise, at least locally this seems to be well-followed. Locally at least, social distancing is currently poor, exacerbated by the number of people currently out-and-about (albeit nowheres near the number usually seen at this time of the orbit). Shops are again putting out hand sanitiser (a practice that all-but-disappeared after the first lockdown).

  9. whheydt says

    Remember when the right wingers maintained that the “fake pandemic” would suddenly disappear on Nov. 4? Be fun the grill a few them on that now.

  10. chesapeake says

    People are sometimes a little careless about masks around here (Lexington, Kentucky), but nobody attacks you for wearing one. I can’t even imagine that. Things are worse, not better. My girlfriend and I now wear face shields in addition to masks. There seemed to be a few more face shields last time though they are uncommon.

  11. unclefrogy says

    #14 there are a few that I would truly not feel sad at see on the grill with their juices popping and sizzling
    uncle frogy

  12. komarov says

    Re: whheydt (#14):

    “Remember when the right wingers maintained that the “fake pandemic” would suddenly disappear on Nov. 4? Be fun the grill a few them on that now.”

    Don’t bother, all you’d ‘learn’ is that the date has changed. At a guess I’d say it would now be January 20th, i.e. Biden’s inauguration. Afterwards the unbroken power of the Moving Goalposts would strike again, and again, and again…

  13. PaulBC says

    chesapeake@15 No offense, but I find it odd that you plagiarized my phrasing from @9. Some kind of point there?

    Glad to hear people are reasonable about masks in Lexington, KY and never meant to suggest otherwise. I have heard there are many places where they are not. Am I mistaken?

  14. garnetstar says

    PZ, you’ve been yelled at for wearing a mask?! What happened? Was it in Morris? It must have been, because you, like everyone, haven’t been travelling around a lot?

    Where I live, anti-maskers would find practically Soviet-style tyranny: I’ve had the good luck to not have seen anyone without a mask since last spring. I guess no one here cares about “liberty”.

  15. wzrd1 says

    Was at the supermarket yesterday and saw precisely one individual approach the store unmasked.
    Plenty were like me, unmasked well away from the building, but all in the supermarket, pharmacy across the street and at the smoke shop a block away were masked.
    Telling is, it’s been months since I was given the stink eye for wearing a mask. Indeed, I suspect many are relived that I and they have to wear a mask. It saves them from having to see a face that was just made for radio.

  16. Ridana says

    I was on light rail awhile back and was the only person in the car. Then a guy got on at the other end, made his way all the way down the car to sit opposite me, with his mask pulled down to his neck. I just kinda fumed in silence for a bit, hoping he’d get off at the next station. Eventually, he got up, went all the way to the other end where he’d boarded, and then put his mask on. He finally got off a couple more stops down the line.

    I got the distinct impression he’d been trying to bait me into a Karen rant, and gave up when I didn’t provide the hoped for entertainment. People are weird.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    Susan Montgomery @ 1
    No. Uncle Duke has been in Britain since spring. He got a £ 10 million contract for PPEs after a profitable meeting (political “donation”) with an Eton chum of Boris , resulting in his bid winning despite having no workforce, infrastructure or experience.
    There was some problem with equipment falling apart, but as the relevant parliament comitte did not get information until after it was too late to cancel the contract, Uncle Duke will be fine.

  18. Erp says

    I note a young State of Georgia woman has discovered other countries mean it when it comes to the laws about quarantine, etc. She went to visit her boyfriend in the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands require a 14 day quarantine with tracking bracelet and two negative tests (one at the beginning and one at the end of the period). The Cayman Islands currently only have cases among incoming travelers; no community spread. They also have a new law allowing up to two years imprisonment for violating the quarantine law. Well she was their to see her boyfriend compete in a jet ski competition on day 2 of the quarantine period so she got the officials to loosen the tracking device on the grounds that it was too tight, wriggled out, her boyfriend picked her up and they spent several hours with the crowds at the competition (with no community spread there is less need to worry about crowds, masking, etcs). She and her boyfriend got arrested, pleaded guilty, and given a minor penalty (fine and community service) which the prosecution appealed. The appeal court decided the initial judge had been too lenient so gave them each 4 months to start immediately (remember he could have given them 2 years). Fortunately for the Cayman Islands, she did not have Covid-19. The young woman’s grandmother went to the press to complain and has written to President Trump to see if he could intervene.
    I must admit I wish we could hand out a 4 month term to the senior pastor of a local mega church who insists on holding indoor maskless services as the number go up in our county (so far the county can only fine him though he is facing contempt of court charges which could bring a prison sentence).

  19. raven says

    I note a young State of Georgia woman has discovered other countries mean it when it comes to the laws about quarantine, etc.

    Is her name…Karen?

  20. Kagehi says

    People here, including at my freaking job (working there) have taken up the genius idea of buying these masks from some place called “Bling”. They are all sparkly, and they come in two forms – lined, so they do something, and unlined, so they don’t f-ing do anything at all, other than meet a “standard’ which seems to only exist in the minds of the idiots running the store (they know its bullshit, since every time corporate shows up these masks suddenly disappear, to be replaced by the temp ones). Guess which “version” some of the bloody morons I work with have opted for.

    Then again, I have started to wonder if I am not trapped in some strange variation of the movie Big, or the one where everyone switches between their parent and themselves, in which everyone else, rather than being preteens/teens, where actually 4 years old, and just as the pandemic started all the “Adults” where replaced by these 4 year olds, who are all now doing the classic, “I will spend 4 times as much effort avoiding cleaning my room, by shoving things under the bed, or into the closet, then having to redo it, than it would take to just do what I am being freaking told to.”

  21. whheydt says

    Re: Erp @ #23…
    You live in Santa Clara County, CA? Or is it another pastor doing the same thing with the same results somewhere else?

  22. says

    @27 But you can’t just, like, knuckle under to The Man, maaan! Everyone’s a creative, special star child and we can make up our own minds and not be told what to do by some unhip, Plastic Fantastic scientists and professors – all they want to do is keep The Kids from partying and bring their heads down, man! Tune in, man…