1. redwood says

    But, but, but what happened to Crenshaw’s parachute? Oh, I see, he ditched it while he was still in the air, along with his helmet, so he could crash onto the antifa car. Wonder what punching the window did to his hand? Oh, I’m being too literal? Guess I need to get more into a pro-wrestling frame of mind.

  2. HidariMak says

    In order to lend credibility towards two non-credible candidates, he releases an ad which shows intelligence and thought lower than that of Saturday morning cartoons, while simultaneously portraying complete ignorance in his own role within the government. Got it.

  3. StonedRanger says

    I know I’m going to regret this, but who is dan crenshaw and why should I give a shit about him? Anyone who makes an ad like this and expects people to take him seriously is obviously off his frigging rocker. Please tell me he doesnt have a government job somewhere. Pretty please?

  4. says

    Dan Crenshaw is the guy who represents Texas’s 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives. He is one of the AINOs who who signed onto the Texas attempt to nullify the 2020 election by claiming that some state officials hadn’t touched second base before certifying the vote or whatever it was.

  5. wzrd1 says

    So, he brought everyone, who joined him in a HALO jump by the baddest one man patrol in the history of military extinction.
    Positively brilliant advertisement that he has absolutely no support.

  6. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    As a former skydiver, I loved those parts. He knows how to do that stuff. But I had to laugh when the script has this grim exchange:
    “Who do you want to bring?”

    Next shot is Crenshaw alone in a plane big enough for everyone, making a jump by himself.

    Couldn’t get the followers to follow, Dan?

  7. hurlingfrootmig says

    I’ve reported the youtube video to google, not that they will do anything about it. Marked it as “promotes terrorism” with the comment “promotes violence as a means of political change” which I believe is an accurate description of terrorism.

  8. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    Also wzrd, I’ve jumped from that height myself and I never even earned my Class D license. That were no HALO jump.

  9. rrutis1 says

    Just another weak brained man acting like a tough guy. Too bad his audience is even weaker brained.

  10. drew says

    Is it mere coincidence that his chute is adorned with Cobra insignia from G.I. Joe? Or did I see that wrong?

  11. graham2 says

    I dont want to offend anyone, but as a non US citizen, I could only stomach about half the ad. Did it get any better ?

  12. buddhabuck says

    graham2 @15:

    I’m not offended; as a US citizen, I could only stomach about half the ad myself. I can’t tell you if it got better, but I suspect not.

  13. PaulBC says


    I dont want to offend anyone, but as a non US citizen, I could only stomach about half the ad. Did it get any better ?

    As a US citizen, I have no intention of watching to find out.

  14. garysturgess says

    Until the “antifa are fascists” nonsense at the end, I honestly thought this was a parody!

  15. stwriley says

    Wait, this isn’t a parody?

    Seriously, how are we supposed to make fun of the wingnuts if they keep doing stuff like this? It’s self-parody of the most clueless kind. I’d think this was over the top if I saw it on SNL, much less as something being presented by an actual US Congressperson.

  16. wanderingelf says

    Every time Dan Crenshaw opens his mouth, I am reminded of a Tolkien quote from the Battle of Azanulbizar: “even with one eye you should see clearer.”

  17. lotharloo says

    Some of the comments on the YT video are brilliant though:

    “Perdue is a great fighter.” Which is why he runs away from every debate.

    Dan Cringeshaw 😬

    “Hello it is me, Mr. Antifa, I like to patrol empty fields for potential fascist activity in the wilderness”

    They had to cut away because when he swung at the windshield, he wiffed completely

  18. M'thew says

    And again an British voice for the personless computer providing the “hero” with information. I dislike it in Iron Man, I hate it here. Why does it have to be British? Can’t USA-ians not say these things? Or did it start with Michael Caine playing Batman’s butler – the Brit serving the American?

  19. =8)-DX says

    tfw you call antifa fascist and then commit unprovoked violence and property damage on them.

    Also this kind of thing is going to empower the actial fascists to commit more violence..

  20. says

    JARVIS in the Iron Man movies has an English accent because he’s a computer equivalent of Edwin Jarvis, the Stark family butler who became the butler of the Avengers Mansion in the comics.