Online drama can really be entertaining!

Remember that weird, convoluted Omegaverse fanfic lawsuit, where a romance fiction writer, Addison Cain, went into a berserk frenzy of DMCA takedowns and lawsuits and histrionic online accusations? It’s back. She’s accusing Lindsay Ellis of being part of a Fan Fiction Deep State Conspiracy trying to bring Addison Cain down.

Or maybe it’s just me, overly sensitized to stories of bullying twits playing games with the legal system to lash out at people they don’t like. Hey! donate to our legal fund!


  1. says

    The most interesting thing about the whole thing was that YouTube outright denied a DMCA takedown notice. Makes me wonder if they’re strategically declining takedowns of popular content creators to improve their PR. It’s pretty hard to imagine them doing the same for most creators.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I watched get video yesterday and…jeez it looks like everyone needs a layer on speed dial to keep the weirdos at bay.
    Having said that, the idea of a fan fiction deep state conspiracy is hilarious.
    Next up : it is not The Elders of Zion that is ruling the world, it is The Elders of Islington (it is not a coincidence Arthur Dent came from there).

  3. birgerjohansson says

    If you are into the SCP Foundation (The collaborative horror writing project) you might give a try to writing this :
    SCP 9674 : The Romantic Fan Fiction Deep State (With Tentacles).
    People who fall afoul of this shady group tends to be found dead with teeth marks from a shoggoth.