Ugh. Lab.

I have to go in to prep a student lab 2 hours before it starts, which means my day starts at 7am today. Gotta get the yeast started, which means at least I’ve got something in common with a baker.

I’ve also got to don my armor, lab coat, goggles, face shield, and mask. Having to wear PPE is the insult added to the injury of an early start.


  1. beholder says

    I was making some homemade pizza a couple of days ago. The dough took about two hours to rise before I could do anything else with it.

    Is your lab, by chance, delicious or otherwise pizza-related?

  2. Bruce says

    PZ, you have to stress to the students that:
    This is a VERY dangerous lab.
    Because YOU’RE here.

  3. cartomancer says

    Probably better than the injuries that might be added to the injury if you don’t wear the kit…