For the finale, feed Trumpy Bear to a shark

This is an actual commercial for a real product that was shown on Fox “News”, and I’m actually officially totally ded now.

America has jumped the shark. During shark week, fittingly.


  1. redwood says

    I’m surprised no one commented on how much they loved his puckered asshole mouth. Definitely the best part!

  2. says

    First Trump wants his face on Mt. Rushmore, now he’s trying to co-opt the Teddy Bear. Who wants to bet he just watched a “History” (deliberate sarcastic quotes these days) Channel documentary about Teddy Roosevelt?

  3. sqlrob says

    This bear has been around for years. They must’ve got in infusion of money to be able to air commercials again.

  4. raven says

    Like everything the GOP does, this is a very incompetent design.

    Trumpy Bear should:
    .1. Be orange colored, not brown.
    .2. Have horns like the mythological resident of hell.
    .3. Be covered with Coronavirus type spikes.
    .4. Wearing a Bugaloo style right wingnut paramilitary style uniform.
    .5. With a confederate flag arm patch.

    I’m sure other and better designs are possible.
    Maybe one in a Zombie version to commemorate the 168,000 Americans dead from Covid-19 and the state of the GOP’s current policies.

  5. stroppy says

    It’s not just Faux Newz. It occasionally pops up on various over the air broadcast TV channels. Just another sour note in the deafening chorus of wriggling nit wits that is Trump’s base.

  6. Reginald Selkirk says

    Someone already noted the “flag as blanket” bit.
    0:58 Biker “proud to have Trumpy Bear by my side” – but he’s not “by your side” he’s in front of you. Weird.
    Not everyone shown had a name. But the elderly veteran at 1:24 was named “Corporal Frank Warholic.” Hmm.

  7. says

    Being from the UK, I rather expected the bear to have an electronic whoopee cushion inside it.

    I’ve just about stopped thinking about that noise when I hear “President Trump”, but “Trumpy Bear”? I’ll never be able to hear that with a straight face.

  8. unclefrogy says

    historic kitsch for only $40.00 plus shipping and handling
    only be worth it if they used the appropriate cheap smelly plush in the Chinese factory that made it.
    uncle frogy

  9. cartomancer says

    I’m trying to imagine literally any other country – or any other leader – doing this. Even the Japanese, who will turn anything into a ghastly big-eyed plush toy, would stop short of doing a miniature furry Shinzo Abe.

    Remind me again how this isn’t some kind of tinpot dictator’s personality cult?

  10. Sean Boyd says

    That commercial was so over the top, I was halfway convinced it was satire. It’s not, and my respect for ‘Murika and ‘Murikans has taken another double digit plunge.

  11. christoph says

    I checked this on, looks like Trump has nothing to do with this:
    Probably just a private company that found a lucrative nut market to exploit.
    Also-I don’t think the veterans endorsing it are real veterans. No one who served in the Marines would refer to him or herself as a “former Marine.”

  12. ajbjasus says

    I wonder where it’s made?

    … and like # 10, I have never got over the fact that you folks not only elected president Fart, but it was the family choice to change to that name.

  13. jrkrideau says

    @ 12 cartomancer
    Remind me again how this isn’t some kind of tinpot dictator’s personality cult?

    Trump is not wearing a t-shirt with his picture on it. But they are on order.

  14. robro says

    Yeah, this is a pan. Corporal Frank Warholic? Gimme a break. And, there’s a disclaimer in the segment before the corporal saying that “Make America Great Again” is owned by the Trump machine and “no endorsement implied.”

    Anyone named “Karen” in this?

    And speaking of Shark Week: (SciAm) “The Dark Side of Being a Female Shark Researcher”. I’m sure you can just imagine, but it’s worth a read if you need your blood boiled.

  15. leerudolph says

    christoph@14: “No one who served in the Marines would refer to him or herself as a “former Marine.””

    This claim, or its equivalent with “ex-” instead of “former”, is regularly made. It is false. My father was an ex-Marine and referred to himself as such. Specifically, he enlisted in 1928 on the day he graduated from high school, and served for about 7 years, in particular during the Second Nicaraguan Campaign and elsewhere in Central America. He then had a civilian job (as a “private policeman”, which I think probably included strikebreaking, at steel plants in Cleveland OH) for another 7 years or so. After Pearl Harbor, he tried to re-enlist in the Marines; turned away on account of age, he joined the Army. He was in no way a liberal, nor anti-military, nor against the Marine Corps in any way. On the other hand, he despised veterans’ groups; if he had thought that the (supposed) taboo against using the phrase “former marine” (or
    “ex-marine”) had a propagandistic intent (which is how it comes across to me), he might have said it himself just for that reason. Whatever his motives, he said it.

  16. christoph says

    @leerudolph, # 18: Thanks for letting me know. Although, I know several Marine veterans who would disagree with your father.

  17. komarov says

    Quick question, why two 20$ payments? Why not charge 40$ directly? Is it just a way of cramming “installments acceptable” into the ad without wasting too much airtime? Is it the latest technique of marketers trying to manipulate customers by making the pirce look smaller? This is the first product I’ve ever seen that advertises its price in this manner and it feels like a scam.

  18. newenlightenment says

    Join me again next week for another episode of “let’s make no fucking sense” where I will be waxing an owl.

  19. JustaTech says

    I saw this ad on TV a few years ago, on some show that had recorded late at night.
    First I called my husband to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating it.
    Then we filmed it and put it on FB because we could not believe what we were seeing and other people needed to see it too.

    It’s not the weirdest thing I’ve seen advertised on late-night second-rate cable, but it’s in the top 3.

  20. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    Good that FOX and this manufacturer will both profit off of QAnon.

  21. ColeYote says

    I am Canadian and the existence of presidential race memorabilia is so confusing to me. When it’s not teddy bears, it’s chia pets, or commemorative plates, or ashtrays. Why is this a thing?

  22. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    So, I’m seeing an opportunity here. Maybe we can start filming the adventures of Trumpy a la the Adventures of Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live.
    “In today’s episode, Trumpy gets his head stuck in a bucket of shit. Hilarity ensues!”

  23. indianajones says

    I could see a YouTube channel based on this

    Here’s trumpy evading justice
    Here’s trumpy and his wall
    Here’s trumpy and a dictator
    Here’s trumpy a porn star

    You get the idea I’m sure