Wait, wait, wait…there are people who protest against Juneteenth?

What do they want to do, repeal the emancipation of slaves?

I guess this is Trump’s America now.


  1. nomdeplume says

    “What do they want to do, repeal the emancipation of slaves?” I don’t think there is much doubt about that, nor that they want to re-fight the Civil War to achieve it.

  2. says

    Can’t wait to watch the shit show in Tulsa tomorrow on TV. It’s going to be the best Trump Rally ever. Tremendously successful. So great Biden will withdraw from the race immediately. ALL WILL BOW BEFORE THE GREATNESS OF TRUMP.

    Oh wait. Sorry I hit my head. Was I talking crazy talk again?

  3. says

    It’s very telling that they think Trump and Blue Lives Matter are diametrically opposed to Juneteenth and black people in general. The mask is completely off these days.

  4. wzrd1 says

    I’ll admit, I entirely didn’t learn of that tragedy at all. Learned of smaller tragedies, not this one.
    Learned about it during this controversy, which frankly, I consider a good thing.
    How can I help?

    As for * lives matter, all do, but triage rules in any mass casualty environment dictates, one sorts and helps maximally those in the greatest need, with the littlest help, so help the rest of the afflicted.
    So, here, BLM, totally, VLM (Veteran Lives Matter, as veterans are group #2 to be killed by police), well, save in a pandemic, where medical gets reassigned and societal still has to deal with sitting inside of a pile of shit for a handful of hundred years.

    Failing us, our media, who think for some odd reason, we can only pay attention to one fucking thing at a time.
    Even this near pension age man can manage that babysitting highly mobile grandchildren!
    Who knows, might manage to find a job in this state yest, one bozo whose company is now on my mail filter blacklist claimed I lack enough experience for a specific position that I doubled in spades. Know which company welcomed ageism. And will never deal with again and if in a management position, would blacklist personally, save if I could issue that list in merging.

    So, how can this guy help out, who is confused as pure white in winter, confused as Indian/Arab/whoeverisdarkthatday man help. Seriously, that’s been my life.
    How can I help?
    Big plus for suggesting I trip someone with my cane, triple plus if inserting it sideways up an idiot’s ass is involved.
    As the latter is against the laws of physics and chemistry, do tell me how to help.

  5. fishy says

    I feel guilty for wanting to have some sort of comeuppance.
    People are going to suffer.

  6. seachange says

    I got a lot of search results for veterans more likely to kill people, not the other way around. I don’t know how to filter out all of those. May I have a source or some google-fu assistance please?

    I did personal research years ago before BLM ever became a thing because I was just fucking pissed off at how much murder and disrespect for life was happening from our …protectors(?), Native Americans and Transfolk are more likely to be killed by police than African-Americans, tweilve to thirteen times more likely (small numbers result in error) compared to their prevalence in the population instead of eight times more likely for African-Americans. Veterans seem to me right now (without any information) that they cannot be number 2.
    The absolute numbers for African-Americans are massive, because they represent a much larger proportion of the population. I am pleased to offer as much support BLM and be as anti-racist as I can on their behalf. They are carrying water for EVERYONE.

    (Three times more likely latinx, fifty percent percent more for mentally ill, fifty percent more for non-hetero. Not all of these risk factors add. Again, old data about fifteen years ago, from books with older publishing dates because most of this was not findable on internet.)

    I will not accept veterans as a specific target group without some proof. It is true that since the draft for military service ended in the United States of America that there is a disproportionate representatation of minorities in our armed forces. This is because our militaries represent employment opportunities my country does not othewise readily provide. (pregnant pause) Maybe any numbers with veterans being murdered by law enforcement officers are more a representation that our armed forces are composed of the personnel that they are?

  7. wzrd1 says

    @seachange, can’t find the specific article right now, but try “number of veterans shot by police” for a few stories.
    Laughably, most police departments hire veterans, largely due to less training and coming from a highly disciplined environment.
    Shootings aren’t uncommon in VA facilities either.

  8. publicola says

    &7: Yeah, these are the children and grandchildren of Louise Day Hicks and all those ROAR assholes that threw rocks at busloads of black kids when busing began in Boston the 70’s. Racism dies hard in Beantown.

  9. publicola says

    &7: Yeah, these are the children and grandchildren of Louise Day Hicks and all those ROAR assholes that threw rocks at busloads of black kids when busing began in Boston the 70’s. Racism dies hard in Beantown.

  10. rrhain says

    I can see the RWNJs now: “But we’re not protesting Juneteenth! We’re supporting the police! Just like how you say Kaepernick wasn’t protesting the national anthem but was bringing awareness to violence against black people by the cops! It’s the same thing, you hypocrite!”

    Never underestimate a RWNJ’s ability to claim their bigotry is your fault.