Hsu resigns his vice presidential appointment

Good news!

Note that, as everyone has been trying to explain to the reactionaries, he was not fired, he still has his professorial appointment, but he no longer has his administrative position. That’s a step forward.

I look forward to Quillette’s tears.


  1. petesh says

    he was not fired, he still has his professorial appointment, but he no longer has his administrative position. That’s exactly what the good folks at MSU (the GEU and, rapidly, many others) were demanding — for sound tactical reasons. Incidentally, He Jiankui was originally a physicist too. Do those guys really think they are so smart they can disrupt other fields?

  2. John Morales says


    Do those guys really think they are so smart they can disrupt other fields?

    Perhaps, but certainly they’re not smart enough to realise indulging their prejudices may have consequences.

    (In this case, an opportunity cost)

  3. wzrd1 says

    Still, the shit was moved from the hot side, to the warm side of the grille.
    To continue to infect others, like reassigning Typhoid Mary to a children’s ward.

  4. lotharloo says

    Sorry but the mathematician in me would like to point out that the only thing that shows is that at least one cop has done at least one good deed.

  5. says

    @#6, lotharloo:

    Well, sure, that’s how this all works! Just like how George W. Bush shared a candy with Michelle Obama, so he must be an okay guy! Given how so much of the press and the blogosphere reacted to that photo, if he had given some to Obama’s kids as well he would be an honorary Democrat. (Actually, given Joe Biden’s history that’s not totally implausible.)

  6. wzrd1 says

    @lotharloo, that shows one cop, followed by three more cops responding. It depends upon the cop, department and policing methodology used. Community based policing isn’t heave handed, which seems to be Trump’s preferred method.
    Well, heavy handed and Constitution free policing is Trump’s style. Bastard threatened any protesters that show up at his rally yesterday and today.

  7. jack lecou says

    To paraphrase a bastard: The best things I did as a cop were when I was acting as a mediocre social worker. (Or, in this case, paramedic.)

    I’m glad the kid’s ok, but unless the cop literally used his gun butt to sweep that airway out, I’m pretty sure this isn’t really an argument for keeping so many cops around, per se.

    Problem is we need to somehow get the public on board with paying some other kinds of first-responder types to just stand around with their hands in their pockets and glare at people all day for a change.

  8. wzrd1 says

    @jack lecou, I’ve treated pediatric patients in the military, there are precisely three ways in which that gun butt could’ve swept or even entered the pharynx of that child.
    Slim, fat and none.
    He used his finger, as is trained in CPR class, mouth sweep with a finger, turn to recovery position, if ineffective, reassess.
    BTW, note the video and notice the one cop pulling something out, tearing it, then tossing the package, that would likely be an alcohol swap to clean his peer’s finger, as it was presented to him.
    COVID-19 ain’t the only damned bastard organism that likes us. I was infamously paranoid on where I planted my IV insertion unit into the ground in the field in the Army, to avoid a needle stick and at least three inches of paperwork after.
    Paperwork, I loathe, but killing my own wife, I loathe even more.

    Good choice, given she now has cirrhosis of the liver, secondary to patriarchal medical bullshit of ignoring a “female complaint” that was an obstructed common bile duct. Blew the liver, fucked up a few other things, still trying to find reasons not to feed a few physicians remains to pigs.
    I’m just that pissed off over the low life expectancy of my wife of over 38 years.
    Welcome into a small part of my world. While terrorizing terrorists enough to make them stop, this crap happened and our nation refuses still to follow its own proclaimed moral compass.
    Which is interesting, as all military swear an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. When does one’s own word of honor expire?

    Fuck! I forgot to type the word fuck! ;)

    Those with the most efforts at humor are most often those the most in pain. See Robin Williams for one example.
    George Burns was priceless and in pain.