100% ready and champing at the bit

I am organized! Now ready to face the spring semester, although I’ve also learned that I’m apparently up to be the biology discipline coordinator*, so I may not be as ready as I think. I got a lot done today, at least, and will be able to walk brightly into my new classes, not looking at all like a pole-axed cow.

Tonight I’m going to take a deep breath and relax by going to the movie. Little Women is playing, which I hear is very good, and also Dr Doolittle, which is getting panned. I think I’ll go to the one that I might have a chance of enjoying.

*There are no perks at all associated with being the discipline coordinator, not even a fancy hat. Maybe my first agenda item as I rise to power is to propose the creation of a fancy hat, to make it all worthwhile.


  1. nomdeplume says

    So the various streams of BDSM need coordinating? Gosh, when I was a biology student we didn’t even know such practices existed. Showing my age I guess.

  2. John Morales says

    I’ve also learned that I’m apparently up to be the biology discipline coordinator

    You’ll officially be a disciplinarian.

    (If you’re really good at it, you can become a martinet!)

  3. Bruce says

    Voyager mentions some old growth forest in Minnesota. Maybe in the spring or summer you can take students on a day trip there to look for spiders in the national forest?
    Here is where it is:
    “The tradition of leaving the Lost 40 untouched has remained, and the forest section is still thriving as a result. There is nowhere else in the Midwest like the Lost 40, since most of the trees in other forests are much younger than this swath of centenarians growing in the Midwest.
    “It’s 3.8 miles from Dora Lake. There is a parking lot on Lost Forty Rd. Even though The Lost 40 is located in a National Forest, camping is not allowed in any of Minnesota’s scientific and natural areas to protect the delicate plant and animal life.”

  4. bcwebb says

    You have a tough job ahead; biology can be pretty undisciplined – I can’t even train my ivy.