Cell biology…done!

All finals graded, and the final grades submitted to the registrar. It feels good.

One of the easy questions I asked on the final is for them to tell me what they learned in class that they expected to forget immediately after the exam. The most common answers were photosynthetic pathways (might be an animal bias emerging there) and the lac operon (eep! Gene regulation is my favorite unit of the course!).

Then, weirdly, I had a bank of essay questions that they allowed them to, at their discretion, skip one. They included questions about photosynthesis, the lac operon, and cell motility. Guess which one almost everyone skipped? Cell motility! I guess they studied the subjects they hated the hardest, which may be why they wanted to forget them as quickly as they could.

Unfortunately, I am not entirely done. I’ve got one other class, biological communications, in which the students have to work with me on writing a 10-15 page paper. I gave one student an extension, so the last of those will be turned in tomorrow, and then I finish grading that by the weekend. Then I’m free!

I’ll still be trying to catch a Star War tonight.


  1. jstackpo says

    Hardest Final exam question I ever had to grapple with (physics, but that is irrelevant) was

    Construct a “respectable” exam question and then answer it.