1. cartomancer says

    You’ve introduced a male to this environment to breed with the female already there, correct? So you get egg sacs to decorate the branches?

  2. says

    Oooh, I think I could do that. Somewhere I should have a package of that webbing stuff left over from Halloween.

    Xmas Tree Mk III, coming up this weekend.

  3. Artor says

    Your bag of cobwebs likely has a gazillion little plastic spiders in it too. Fun for the whole family!

  4. porkypine says

    My wife has always been fond of spiders because she is a spinner/knitter/weaver. We have a couple of spider ornaments on our tree. She brought to my attention a Christmas folk tale from eastern Europe (Germany, Ukraine) that is usually used to explain why we put tinsel on the tree. The short version is that the house spiders are curious about the xmas tree and investigate it during the night. In the morning the spider webs are turned to gold and silver. Here is a link to one such story:

  5. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out there are still a few, ah, misrepresentations… A fairly obvious one (she says) is the lack of a feathered tuxedo. Also (she says), too many legs and not enough wings. And, quite importantly, no lasers on the eye-stalks, albeit that detail (she says) is rarely recorded due to the observer being vapourised by said lasers. But the real giveaway is the lack of any cheese or MUSHROOMS!