Darn, now I’ve got to watch TV

I have plans for today. I don’t have labs to teach this week because of the looming holiday, and I don’t have to prep for class this morning since I’m giving an exam, so I’m delightfully free, mostly. I am sitting down with students all afternoon to coach them through writing a good lab report, so I do have some obligations.

But this morning is all spider time. I’ve got feeding to do and a swarm of spiderlings to sort out. I don’t know why they don’t pay me to do this 8 hours a day, I’ve got a lot to learn.

Then, this evening, I’m setting aside some time to watch We Believe in Dinosaurs, about the construction of Ken Ham’s Ark Park.

We Believe in Dinosaurs follows the design and construction of a massive $120 million Noah’s Ark replica in rural Kentucky, telling the story of the unsettling and uniquely American conflict between science and religion.

Maybe I’ll do some live-blogging as I watch it. I should probably set aside a few hours afterwards for seething time, too.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Ugh… why do I fear this is going to be one of those “fair and balanced” documentaries that will falsely equivocate scientific reality with redneck delusions?

  2. David MacMillan says

    Presumably that review is from someone who has not seen the film and assumes it is made BY creationists, rather than made ABOUT creationists.

  3. David MacMillan says

    So what did you think?
    To anyone else — you can pay $4 if you stream on YouTube instead of Amazon.

  4. Michael says

    I’ve seen it. Unfortunately I would say that whatever your opinion on creationism going in, this film is unlikely to change it. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t challenge the views of the people they interviewed a bit more, and also didn’t interview some of the more outspoken atheists, eg. Aronra is seen in the crowd during one scene but was not interviewed. I think that whichever side you are on, you’ll see something to support your beliefs, and something from the other side to laugh or cry about.