Mark your calendars!

Chuck Tingle is coming to Minneapolis on 10 January!

I rushed to mark my calendar, and noticed that I’ll be in Boulder, Colorado on that date. So I have to choose…Chuck Tingle, or Grandchild Iliana?

I’m going with Iliana because, as Chuck would say, love is real. But don’t let that stop you!


  1. says

    I was daydreaming the other day and was thinking that Tingle’s books really need to be done as audiobooks with dramatic readings by actors who can really knock it over the top. E.g.: Samuel L. Jackson, or Ian McKellen, or Hellen Mirren or Judi Dench – someone who’d be worth paying for just to listen to. Unfortunately, it’s too late, but can you imagine Christopher Lee reading the sex scene with the cup of coffee? It’d be strangely hot.

  2. Kevin Karplus says

    While you are in Boulder, visit the public library—the combination of many public facilities (theater, makerspace, art gallery, cafe, meeting rooms, …) in a nice space, without detracting from the main goal of providing easy access to books is inspiring.

  3. Alt-X says

    I bumped into chuck many many moons ago on the internet. All I can remember is being very weirded out haha. It was only 5 years ago I learned who he is. Hah.