Good morning, Christianity!

This is how some Christians think they’ll win hearts and minds for their religion. It’s pretty much typical for what I wake up to every morning.

There’s a phrase these fanatics like to use: “hardening the heart against God”. I’ve been dealing with this stuff for decades, and they’ve succeeded in turning my heart into a gristley, fibrous lump of black contempt for religion. Thanks, gang, I wouldn’t be the atheist I am today without you!

I would also remind my fellow atheists now that reversing this tactic against them will not persuade them that your intellectual rejection of the supernatural premises of religion is valid, either.


  1. says

    Personally, I prefer such open hostility rather than patronizing attitudes about how “my poor lost soul is just too stupid to see God’s light.” When people are hostile towards me, at least they don’t expect me to respond to them by being grateful for their concern.

  2. gijoel says

    Wow, calling someone a pedophile because he doesn’t agree with your religion. Nice. If they understood all the crap you went through (Shermer, ThunderDunce, et al.) they wouldn’t dare have written that. Hopefully I’m coherent, I’m a little tired right now.

  3. davidc1 says

    Doc ,just take comfort in the fact that when you are aroasting in hell god will still love you .
    But before that when you come face to face with the big sky daddy ,ask him if he knows where i am headed .

  4. dave57 says

    Seems odd to think that one can harden ones heart against an entity which does not exist.

  5. raven says

    Xianity , making atheists since 33 CE.

    People like PZ’s hate filled attacker make more atheists in a day than PZ does in a year.

  6. stroppy says

    Heh. Haight is love, or so they used to say.

    Anyway, it’s amazing how happy and proud dim fundies are wear to their blatant hypocrisy on their sleeves. It’s a hallmark of conformity and points back to our military culture; blind obedience is a virtue by way of necessity. It’s an attitude that sort of ends up sticking to everything. And it’s exploitable…all about the power.

    “I don’t do nuance.” Dubya.

  7. blf says

    When did PZ become a minister or priest?

    Poopyhead has an inordinate fondness for baby spiders.

  8. robro says

    You could always try, “Judge not unless you are judged likewise, mister asparagusman” (really!?). It’s quite audacious for him to usurp God, or Jesus, or Horus, or Osiris right to weigh your Ka against a feather. But I’m sure you’re right, PZ, nothing will get them off their high horse…at least, that’s consistent with my experience.

  9. PaulBC says

    OK, if threats don’t work, how about this supercool necklace:

    One day, Pence noticed Gable wore a cross around his neck.

    “I said, ‘John, I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and be a Christian,'” Pence says. “I said, ‘Where’d you get that good cross? Because I want to go ahead and be Christian now.'”

    Pence kept bugging Gable about getting a cross necklace. Eventually, Gable turned to Pence and said, “You know you’ve got to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck.”

    (Link intentionally omitted; look it up!)

    We will save you PZ!

  10. mnb0 says

    Actually I like such false accusations – they tell us nothing about the accused one, but a lot about the accuser. We all know now what’s on his mind.

  11. markgisleson says

    I cut a deal with J.C. Christian ( @JC_Christian ). We have an understanding that should be helpful when the time comes.

  12. wzrd1 says

    Well, you are a “fat” and dying old man. I’m not far behind you.
    So, at the end of the equation is, we generally die either fat or thin, short or tall, but death is inevitable.
    And we all fight it to the end.
    How we do it, well, that’s for both history and efforts methods to testify to. That might vary, upon period.

  13. thirdmill says

    While untrue, Christianity might still have social value if there were any evidence it makes people better than they would otherwise be. But it doesn’t. If anything it makes them worse.