At Skepticon!

I’m in St Louis for Skepticon, and I am disappointed. The rooms at this hotel are huge and clean — too clean — the shower is like a pressure washer, and the location is amazing, right off the Metrolink line*, so I got here from the airport for just a few bucks, walked up to the street level, and there was the hotel, right there, and it was probably the easiest access to a conference venue ever. However…

There are no spiders anywhere in this gigantic suite. I went around with a magnifying glass to verify. It’s sterile. So I’ve donned my spider hunting gear, and am about to embark on an exploration trip to a) find some breakfast, and b) survey the environs for spiders. I have collecting vials and am not afraid to use them.

Hey, if you’re in the neighborhood, come on down! The conference is free, it’s held in the Red Lion Inn right next to the Civic Center rail stop, and it’s up on the 13th floor.

*Oh, incidentally, about the Metrolink — it’s a nice rail line direct between city center and the airport, and when I got on, I was the only white guy on the train, which is not an issue, except that at one of the stops another white guy got on, looked over the occupants, and charged over to sit next to me, like the train wasn’t half empty anyway. Not a problem, of course, except that he was staggeringly drunk, and he wanted to talk about religion with me.

Why me? Do I look like a Lutheran pastor or something?

Anyway, the conversation didn’t go far. He was so drunk he could barely talk, and he chose to lecture me on the Trinity. You know, the Father, his Son, and…Jesus’s sister? I had to just ignore him, although the bait was awfully tempting.


  1. nomadiq says

    Welcome to a big city mass transit. I guess you get a lot of that up around Morris and you have become unaccustomed to it.

    I often catch a subway after normal peak hour traffic. What I have learned is that there are a lot of alcoholics in Boston and, even in our liberal city, not a lot of mental health support. Oh and I’ve learnt some startling religious philosophy as well.

    Good luck on the spider hunt!

  2. Joseph O says

    Welcome to St. Louis. I’m an avid reader of your blog and live in Webster Groves which is a suburb of St. Louis. I hope your stay here is enjoyable.

  3. revmatty says

    You just missed a giant protestant convention by a week. Somehow I didn’t know this was happening in STL or this weekend, which sucks as I’m now going to miss it all. While you’re in town try to check out Shameless Grounds, an amazing coffee shop that’s deeply involved with promoting women’s rights and LGBTQIA+ rights!

  4. fusilier says

    @revmatty #4: Almost certainly the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Firmly YEC and so self-isolated that they held a heresy trial for their Synod President for authorizing an interfaith service on 9-11-2002.

    https:// http://www.christianitytoday. com/ct/2002/julyweb-only/7-29-31.0.html. (remove extra spaces, of course)


    James 2:24. (Oh, and they are very … uncomfortable … with this sig-line)

  5. Scott Simmons says

    I can’t wait to see your Yelp review of the hotel.
    “Two stars. Not enough spiders.”

  6. blf says

    Do I look like a Lutheran pastor or something?

    Not sure about the “Lutheran pastor” bit — albeit white male with an elder-like beard and lack of aggressive markings (no eyepatch, scars, wooden leg, sword, or (since this is the States) guns), is perhaps within a drunk’s definition of sky faerie botherer. However, it seems probable you do look like “something”. Invisibility is not one of your known attributes.

  7. chigau (違う) says

    Without my glasses, that picture looks like PZ is dressed in some priestly garb.