Anglerfish are elegant and lovely in life

I know, you may think they’re hideous with their long fangs and weird lure and bulgy eyes, but that’s only because you’ve seen photos or drawings of dead bloated ones. Here at last you can watch an anglerfish floating gracefully in the deep.


  1. ridana says

    I first read the title as “Angelfish are elegant” and thought, “is that really a case that needs to be made?” :D

    I couldn’t get it to play here or on the Sciencemag site, but NatGeo has it up with some really lovely music instead of narration on YT.

    I’m wondering how the male slips in past the filaments to take a chomp without getting eaten first.

  2. anxionnat says

    The anglerfish are beautiful in all heir alien weirdness. Stuff like this is one of the reasons I went into science in the first place.