Find your gender-swapped persona!

Snapchat has this new gender swap feature, where it will modify your photo by applying filters to fit certain gender stereotypes. I do not use snapchat, and this one feature does not interest me at all, so I haven’t tried it (but I’m sure I’d be lovely if I did).

But then I ran across this: 99 D&D Female Character Art Pieces. They’re fabulous! Some amazing art in there. For a moment, though, I felt that twinge of regret that I, a male, am not represented at all in that collection.

(Pause for a moment to give all the women out there a chance to smirk and say “Oh you poor dear. Now you know how it feels, white man.” Fair enough.)

But then I had an idea: forget Snapchat, can you gentlemen find a gender-swapped version of your ideal D&D self in that collection? Mine was easy to spot — I couldn’t be that lean, grim warrior archetype. This would be me:

Your turn. Link to your fantasy gender-swapped self-image in the comments.

Here’s an equivalent Fantasy Art Males page so the women can play, too!


  1. says

    They’re amazing.
    I remember back in the days when I was looking for character illustrations and they al looked like they came from Oglaf (not that Oglaf already existed back then, but you get my meaning). I mean, even the Courtesan whose strategy to save money in inns was to hook up with a rich merchant and spend the night in his bed wasn’t that slutty…

  2. Darjien says

    It’s worth noting that this is art from a Magic card, Admiral Beckett Brass. Magic is doing really well these days at representing a wide range of characters sympathetically.

  3. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    Gotta be this one. No giant flashy weapons or ornate armour. Just a jug of booze, a no-fucks-given attitude, and the perfect slouch.

  4. says

    Darjien beat me to it. This is one of my favourite recent pieces of art from Magic: The Gathering, and the artist used his mother as the model. The gorgon who shows up early on in the link is also from Magic, one of my favourite characters call Vraska (who is in a relationship now with the white boy face of MTG, Jace Beleren).

  5. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    You jerk, PZ! I run a Beckett Brass (the pirate woman you have) deck, and would certainly choose it! (Thank you Darjien). She is awesome: a pirate admiral.

    . It’s a bit of a cheat since it’s a gender swapped Arthur, but the character is great.

  6. says

    I like this one quite a bit. Though the more maternal one might fit me better these days. Finally, though it doesn’t represent me at all times, I think this maul-wielder perfectly fits the troll-busting persona here on FtB when Jordan Peterson fans or the like show up.

    But wait, you say, are these your gender swapped personae?

    Well, you see, the manly me still hates sexism and so chose these as representative because why the fuck not confound your gendered expectations? The end.

  7. says

    Started scrolling, saw a snake-haired Gorgon and was about to say “Yes” when I saw the mace-wielding beserker beneath her. Doubleplus yes.

  8. Scott Simmons says

    Heh. I went to bookmark the page, but it already was … I thought some of that artwork looked familiar.

  9. says

    Admiral Beckett Brass! I also recognized Vraska on the first page of the link. It makes sense that there would be some crossover, since WOTC owns both games.

    MTG makes it pretty easy to create female versions of myself in deck form. I run decks led by Selenia Dark Angel, Najeela the Blade Blossom, Tiana Ship’s Caretaker, Olivia Mobilized for War and Aminatou the Fateshifter. Tiana is probably my favorite at the moment.

    What really bugs me is that everyone in my playgroup, when asking about my commander, always defaults to, “So, what’s he do?” It’s like seriously, look at the cards. They’re not dudes.