Occasional reminder

We’re still paying off our lawyer in that ridiculous SLAPP suit by Richard Carrier — his case went down in flames, it’s over as far as we’re concerned, but man, legal fees certainly do stack up fast. Our GoFundMe page is still open. And before you tell us we should have counter-sued, we’re not interested in sinking more time and money into that futile pursuit, and unlike the people who just wave the flag of Free Speech, we have no interest in silencing anyone.

I will also remind you that if you had any doubt that Richard Carrier was a serial harasser, all you need to see is that he’s been harassing me, Stephanie Zvan, Amy Frank-Skiba, Lauren Lane, and the organizations of FtB, Skepticon, and the Orbit to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars in a pointless, punitive lawsuit; he’s also failed all of his friends from whom he sucked away an equivalent or greater sum of money. And yet he’s still getting booked for appearances around the country. It’s amazing how being a petty scumbag only enhances your reputation in the atheist community.


  1. mineralfellow says

    The sad thing is that Richard Carrier was doing (is doing?) some cool work that I didn’t really see from anyone else. I enjoyed listening to his lectures.

  2. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    As I’ve said before, I’ve met Richard Carrier several times in person. Even bought him beers (or whiskey, whatever, I don’t drink alcohol), and I never would have guessed that he was such an asshole. Guess I’m just a bad judge of character.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Enlightenment Liberal @ 5:

    Or Carrier was just very good at hiding his own bad character.

  4. says

    If harassers and abusers were universally repulsive, they wouldn’t get away with nearly as much harassment and abuse. The ones who can be charming when it serves them are most successful.

  5. jgrosser68 says

    What exactly did Richard Carrier do: who, what, when , where (or skip what is appropriate)? Sorry, this harassment charge against Carrier is new to me.