Ivanka the Vacant

I don’t like reading articles where the story is entirely buried between the lines — if you’re a journalist, plain-spoken brevity is a virtue. That’s why this article in The Atlantic about Ivanka Trump is agonizing. It’s long, and all you’re going to glean from it is that Ivanka is a cipher who takes great pains in maintaining a poised appearance, and is careful to avoid any conflict with her asshole father. The author is equally careful to avoid criticizing Ivanka, who, characteristically, refuses to go on the record anywhere in the story, and clearly got the access to write the story by a history of pandering to the Trump family. Like the first time she met Ivanka:

Ivanka was hard to miss—taller and prettier than everyone else. I was a fan, as were most girls I knew. We thought she had it all—her own company, a pretty family, a pretty apartment. When I saw an opening, I told her as much. She thanked me and told me she liked my dress. We took a photo together, which I posted on Instagram.

Wait. A “fan” of Ivanka, along with most of her friends? Until she got elevated to an unearned position of power, I and most of the people I know had no idea who this pampered rich girl was. What kind of person did you have to be to be aware of Ivanka Trump?

Then, even as the author is trying to be inoffensive, she succeeds in revealing through what she doesn’t say how empty Ivanka is.

It’s a great boring slog of an article, but I did run across one interesting comment. It’s Donald Trump once again attributing a virtue to … fucking genetics.

The president went on: “She’s got a great calmness … I’ve seen her under tremendous stress and pressure. She reacts very well—that’s usually a genetic thing, but it’s one of those things, nevertheless.” He added: “She’s got a tremendous presence when she walks into the room.”

Calmness is usually a genetic thing? Then how did Ivanka inherit it, since her father is a temperamental histrionic toad?


  1. lotharloo says

    I think Trump has a point about genetics or how else you explain generations of pampered, assholes born into underserved wealth? Hmm? Checkmate liberals!

  2. says

    If she inherited her calm disposition from her father the answer is obvious. Trump wasn’t the only one playing the field. Now wouldn’t that be karma?

  3. rabbitbrush says

    Were you sitting on the toilet when you read this drivel? That would be appropriate.

  4. says

    It’s evolutionary psychology… DJT’s psyche is so fragile, it ‘evolved’ a positive image of Ivanka as a form of self defense.

    …in the end, it’s all hot air.

  5. zetopan says

    “Then how did Ivanka inherit it, since her father is a temperamental histrionic toad?”

    Trump views everything as a zero sum game. If he wins that means that everyone else loses and visa versa. Since Trump the petulant moron declared himself to be a stable genius how could his vacuous progeny be any less than perfect?

  6. doubtthat says

    What kind of person did you have to be to be aware of Ivanka Trump?

    Because she was on that dumb tv show with her dad.
    This is a part of the Trump story that I constantly underestimate, as well, because I don’t watch network tv, in general, and I sure as hell would never watch an idiotic show with Donald Trump as the star.
    But TONS…MILLIONS…of fucking people know and idolize this disgusting family because of that production. It’s upsetting.