1. says

    Meanwhile, everyone in Australia is sniggering at the chart.

    P.S. Fuck the New England Patriots and their trumpkin coach and quarterback.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Pfff… Screw Sportsball! I’m spending the evening painting miniatures (I’ve got some 1/300 scale Vosper MTBs and a whole bunch of 20s/30s pulp adventures for Lovecraftian RPGs.) with MST3K are-runs playing in the background.

  3. HidariMak says

    I must be tired. Could of sworn on first reading the PZ posted about having a delicious dinner of pet soup. As for my own Superb Owl plans, I’m just installing the latest version of Android on my phone, which was too old to get the latest version of Android, while doing the usual Sunday stuff.

  4. nomdeplume says

    Of the thousands of things an Australian finds odd about the Super Bowl (and American Football in general) high on the list must be the use of Latin numerals to distinguish each game. Seriously, wtf is that about?

  5. Don F says

    Latin numerals?
    Superb Owls have ROMAN numerals, because . . .
    Roman numerals make EVERYTHING look

  6. microraptor says

    I’m at work, where thankfully there’s no one who likes football.

    So we have the Puppy Bowl on instead.

    I don’t like football and I especially don’t like the Patriots.

  7. eamick says

    FWIW, Super Bowl V was the first to use Roman numerals, and Super Bowl didn’t become the official name until the third game. There’s been only one use of Arabic numerals since, for Super Bowl 50.

  8. hemidactylus says

    I am rewatching The Problem with Apu. I just finished Adam Ruins Everything episode on conspiracy theories before that. Next up I will rewatch Dear White People in anticipation of the Rebirth of a Nation whiteface short.

    I am a reflexive Pats hater. Even if Rams are in on ill-gotten gains more power to them and good luck against the Maestro. Also I respect the halftime boycott angle in support of Kaepernick. Sharpton, JayZ etc. Can’t say that’s my main reason but it helps me justify not watching. Fuck Jerry Jones and Papa John pizza.

    I have black friends who will be watching. Wish there were more solidarity which would impact ratings beyond us Brady deflate-haters.

  9. cartomancer says

    Just what is so superb about this owl anyway? Is it eighty feet tall? Does it shoot laser beams from its eyes? Can it shit diamonds and cough up solid gold owl pellets? Does it reintroduce a marginal tax rate of 96% on billionaires?

  10. jrkrideau says

    @ 8 nomdeplume

    use of Latin numerals

    Give them time. They still use miles, furlong and ounces (liquid and dry). Their newspapers must have a terrible time finding enough vellum to publish regularly. Still parchment will do in a pinch.

  11. hemidactylus says

    And for next year I am very conflicted between Bruce Arians showing up in Gasparilla town to breath new life into the Bucs and infamous Jameis still being there. The backup Fitzpatrick looked promising during Winston’s suspension til he started floundering. Can’t really get behind Bucs with Winston and both Jags and Dolphins usually suck. Even Florida at college level mostly sucked last year.

    Hopefully F1 has some rain soaked races next year. One can only dream. In 2020 they are supposed to debut in Vietnam. Interesting.

  12. magistramarla says

    Laundry is caught up, dinner is done, the husband has cleaned up the room painting that he was doing. Now I’m just waiting for him to accomplish whatever he is doing on his computer so that we can watch some Netflix.
    The Super Bowl played on our TV only once, when a friend and his daughter couldn’t fly out on schedule and were stuck at our house. We bought him some beer and ordered some pizza for them while they watched the game, while we retreated to another room.
    We attended our first and only SB party when we lived in California. Some friends were renting a house in Pebble Beach with a lovely view. We went for the food, wine and conversations. Neither one of us know which two teams were playing.

  13. jrkrideau says

    A friend of mine, a /mad fervent Manchester City supporter, keeps asking why the US game is called football. He points out that the ball is almost never actually kicked.

    I am planning to install a new flavour of Linux on my computer tonight. If anyone has a couple of doves or a small lamb I would not object to sacrifice to the great god Murphy in support.

  14. hemidactylus says

    @18 larpar thinks it’s funny to post score updates. Not even movie spoiler level obnoxious. I don’t care. If I did I could check my ESPN app. Not watching the halftime show is a good part of the battle and larpar can’t emulate that. So you fail.

  15. Rob Grigjanis says

    jrkrideau @19: I’m guessing your friend isn’t Mancunian, or British. Or Australian, or Irish, etc.

  16. smellyoldgit says

    As a red-coat bastard who doesn’t give a flying fuck about some super bowel, the household settled down to a few hours of Miss Marple – courtesy of the BBC – ad free of course.

  17. Don F says

    Uh, yeah. Latin numerals and Roman numerals refer to the same things. Anyway, the reason is to look CLASSY.

  18. chigau (違う) says

    Before I read this thread, I must say that I spent the whole day watching
    The Detour.
    That was alot of fun.
    But it is -23° and sometime before 7AM, I must put the garbage bins out.
    back to the top

  19. hemidactylus says

    Still not watching Stupor Bowel. An hour left on Dear White People. Thank Cthulhu for DVR. Tempted to text Youtube of Public Enemy “Fight the Power” to black friends who watched to shame them. Probably not appropriate. But Kaepernick pig socks seal the deal:

    Whahhhhh! They were appropriate.

    And there is this guy:

  20. larpar says

    hemidactylus, ignore this post.
    Final NE 13 LA 3

    No report on the halftime show, didn’t watch.

  21. archangelospumoni says

    Worst game of the year except for preseason games.
    Deflatriots played less badly than the Rams.

  22. woozy says

    One of these years I’ll purposely watch it so I can stop being one of those people who talks about how they won’t be watching.

    This year is the closest I’m likely to come to that. I didn’t watch it but… I didn’t take a walk or go to a museum or work on creative project as I have in the past. This year…. I did nothing… well, I changed my sheets …

  23. robro says

    My family started the day by seeing They Shall Not Grow Old. I have been haunted the rest of the day by the cheery faces of young men about to kill and be killed. Mid-afternoon went to a friend’s house to play music and ignore everything else for a couple of hours.

  24. methuseus says

    @hemidactylus #25:
    The whole thing with the socks, he was wearing them during training, so not sure how that has anything to do with the Cowboys not being allowed to honor police officers who were killed. Also, I have never understood why it’s such a big deal for people to have problems with cops. I’m white and haven’t really had a good run-in with them, so I can at least sympathize.

  25. John Morales says

    ridana, I kinda like real football. Even like soccer, some.

    It’s all sportsball, but the USAnian version is the most boring, slowest form of football of which I’m aware.

    (For the duration of a game, significantly more time is spent not playing than playing — unlike any other football code — even Rugby ain’t so very slow)

  26. says

    “It’s all sportsball, but the USAnian version is the most boring, slowest form of football of which I’m aware.”

    Gotta make room for those commercials.

  27. davidnangle says

    I’m losing patience with the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl. What is the reasoning? It’s an alternative to people that don’t want to watch football… but it’s couched as a football game and announced nearly the same. This makes no sense.

    As for Roman numerals… Don’t watch the credits of American movies too closely.

  28. grandolddeity says

    …doh, jezsuz…it’s okay if you don’t like the NFL; it’s also okay if you do. I know I had fun watching a defensive battle. And the Patriots won! Yay!

  29. grandolddeity says

    BTW. What does calling anyone an asshole accomplish? You’re an asshole, PZ, usually appropriately…and you won’t deny it. Not always, though. Assholes are necessary. This is just a high-finance game. This team is very good at playing this game. They are athletes and coaches. By choice. I happen to enjoy it. So, fuck your opinion.

    But you were right about them winning anyway.

  30. anbheal says

    Awwww, bring on the Waaaaaambulance. I’m sorry Kirk Cousins, at twice the salary of Tom Brady, can’t make completions down the stretch. But hey, Fran Tarkenton and Joe Kapp lost 4 Super Bowls for you. So, I mean, you have that little shred of pride to cling to.

  31. says


    Because zomgsocuuuuuute!

    And the Cat/Kitten/Puppy Bowls are used to promote no-kill shelters and adopting shelter animals. All participants are up for adoption, though I noted that the kittens were all spoken for by the time of the Bowl.

  32. jrkrideau says

    @ 21 Rob Grigjanis

    I’m guessing your friend isn’t Mancunian, or British. Or Australian, or Irish, etc.

    Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland though a long–term resident of Canadea.