1. waydude says

    Is this.. the approved use of that product? I don’t know, for some reason that looks like tragedy in the making

  2. Onamission5 says

    @waydude: It’s an actual product. It is strongly unadvisable to place a newborn or active infant in such a contraption or leave the baby unattended, or suspend them by the neck outside of the supportive environment of a bath, et al. There’s a whole list of other “not like that’s” on the product site under the header Helpful Tips that basically amount to our product should only be used under perfect conditions. Like any infant float device, the only thing more dangerous than using one in the water is not using one in the water.

  3. says

    As PZ frequently reminds us, a lot of claims for evolutionary psychology are bogus, but the endorphins associated with his grandchildren are pretty credible.