Are they all racists on the right side of the aisle?

Not to let the left side off the hook, but the right seems to be full up with scum who aren’t shy about letting their bigotry fly.

Rep. Jason Smith (R-Missouri) has been identified as the Republican Congressman who told Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-California) to ‘go back to Puerto Rico’ during a debate on the House floor.

According to The Hill, Jason Smith shouted at Cardenas in the midst of a chaotic procedural debate on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday.

Everyone should make sure Smith doesn’t get his hands on a cane.


  1. says

    All humans are influenced by instinctive tribalism. It seems to me that the difference between liberals and conservatives is that, liberals tend to think of the whole human race as their tribe, while conservatives tend to have much narrower concept of what tribe(s) they belong to.

  2. consciousness razor says

    Oh and look: they are from southern states.

    But … MO is in the Midwest. It’s, like, right there in the middle of the map.
    On the other hand, Smith’s 8th district (SE MO) is mostly in the Ozarks. That’s about as southern as it gets in the Midwest, so potato/potato I guess.

  3. Mark Dowd says

    Conciousness razor: “South” in American history (and especially racial history) is really just shorthand for the slave states, which Missouri was one of. In fact, it was the northernmost slave state, the only one north of the Mason-Dixon line I believe. Depends on how much you want to trust my 10 seconds googling “Missouri Compromise”.

  4. KG says

    Fair Witness@3

    liberals tend to think of the whole human race as their tribe

    Which means that it’s not a tribe.

  5. Ichthyic says

    All humans are influenced by instinctive tribalism.

    actually, not true.

    like most human behavior, there is a huge sliding scale on that front, that was noted by both psychologists and sociologists long ago.

    in fact, most populations of humans are NOT authoritarian in nature by majority, and less than 20% lean heavily so.

  6. Akira MacKenzie says

    consciousness razor @ 4

    I don’t know. I live in Wisconsin and I see an over abundance of Confederate battle flags being flown in front of houses and of cars and hearing far too many Southern draws out of multi-generatio cheeseheads to think we are no longer a state of the Union.

    Seems that Mason Dixon Line has moved north some.