Time to talk more about Boghossian, Lindsay, and Pluckrose

At 7:30 Central time, I’ll be having a conversation with Chrisiousity about “Grievance studies” and Ethics Violations. Tune in!


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Ooh, something interesting on Saturday evening. I’ll be lurking….

  2. says

    Well, there were revelations that Boghossian is rumored to canoodle about with students. That just about knocked me out of my chair.

  3. chrislawson says

    “Greivance studies” is short for “I don’t want to acknowledge that oppressed peoples experience past and present hardships and injustices and so I have come up with this brilliantly dismissive term that pwns all possible dissent and now I don’t have to listen to anything that contradicts my unwavering belief that no more ever needs to be done to redress inequities affecting people I don’t identify with.”

    Added bonus: not only can they reject legitimate grievances, they can make themselves feel superior in the process.

    Added added bonus: their own grievances must be taken seriously and widely disseminated even without studies.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    The canoodling claim seems consistent with the attitude nobody tells him what to do, and he can take advantage of things without having to take responsibility. for his misdeeds.

  5. gijoel says

    An alt right intellectual creeping on his students. I’m shocked, shocked I say. Well not that shocked.

  6. John Morales says

    Watching the video now.

    (@6:26) Have sped it up; easy enough to follow at 1.5x, for those who think it might be a bit long.

    (That’s the problem with speech; it’s sooooo slooooow! And, even sped up 50%, it’s still slower than colloquial Castillian. Easy PZ.)

    (@7.28)… OK, maybe 1.75x. Kinda meandering there.

    (Bonus: no fucking background music; not even music that doesn’t overwhelm the speech Nice!)

  7. chrislawson says

    Crip Dyke@7–

    Not a bad definition and much shorter, but it allows the possibility that the grievances against a given field might be reasonable (e.g. grievances against evolutionary psychology or homeopathy) as opposed to reactionary dysempathy (i.e. grievances against womens studies or history of the Confederacy).