Lots of people have been horrified to learn that our tasteless president has hung this kitschy, cheesy, tacky, hagiographic painting in the White House. Some of them have gone about fixing it. This is my favorite version so far.


  1. hemidactylus says

    Why was Lincoln left in the parody version? Was it so he could see who is representing the GOP now?

  2. says

    Lincoln could be replaced by Robert Bork. There’s a guy who’d be a fixture on Trump’s keister if he was active today. “Let ME fire ‘im, boss!”

  3. zenlike says

    @Kip T.W., 5

    If he was active. And alive. Luckily for the world, that particular fucker is pushing up daisies.

  4. says

    As long as they were playing with the picture to make it better, why not add back the 150 pounds or so onto Trump? He never looked that good, even when he was young.

  5. jimthefrog says

    Full credit for the image:


    @hemidactylus: He notes in the original post, the Lincoln figure can be thought of as a young Rolf Harris.

  6. says


    It should have included thousands of men — except the point isn’t to depict all the guys who have committed sexual harassment or assault, it’s to depict the guys who have committed sexual harassment or assault whom Trump has defended. …. except for Lincoln. I don’t know why they didn’t change Lincoln. Did he sexually harass or assault anyone? If he did, I don’t know about it.

  7. hemidactylus says


    PZ didn’t provide sufficient context in OP so you might be confused. The painting he liked was a parody of this:


    Which has hit the news because Trump has a copy in the White House. Aside from the disturbing fact Trump is in it the painting is just a painting. No connotations of the parody painting as subtext. The Democratic painting is a political theme as is the one Trump displays in the Oval Office.

    After seeing Andy Jackson in the Democratic version I needed brain bleach. Too early in the morning for that. Clinton’s shenanigans are well known. LBJ greatly escalated our presence in Vietnam based on false pretext (Gulf of Tonkin), but Truman set the context by turning a blind eye to France’s return to Indochina after WWII. Carter set the stage for our “War on Terror” by starting the indirect aid to anti-Soviet Afghanis though Reagan escalated. He inherited the Iranian powder keg from actions under one of the guys in the other painting (Ike).

  8. pinocchio says

    The first thing that occured to me when I saw the original Republican club painting was that Eisenhower and Roosevelt would probably be seen as socialists or loony leftists by most Trump supporters…and if Lincoln got up and walked away the total IQ at the table would drop by about 50%.