You know, I’m not going to stop making these spider videos, because they’re awesome

I’ve got these spider babies that I now know are exactly 8 days old after they were laid in their mamma’s egg sac, and we’re seeing the transition from spherical egg to lightly sculpted leggy thing wrapped around a spherical ball. So I took some pictures. I also tried putting them on my compound scope and seeing if I could visualize cells in the tissue — it didn’t work. The spider embryos are thick and round and opaque, and further, I was just looking at them dry — I’ve got to work on getting them in a better medium and improving the optics.

Also, the more bloodthirsty of my followers have asked me to catch the babies in the act of feeding, so just to appease them (please don’t hurt me!), I’ve also included a short clip of what happens when I dump a bunch of flies into a tube of baby spiders.


  1. Rich Woods says

    Fly medium? Wouldn’t that be air?

    If you don’t feed the spiders with flies, how long is it before they show a similar level of activity regarding their smaller siblings?

  2. kenbakermn says

    I like spiders on an intellectual level, and many species are beautiful, elegant creatures. But a swarm of tiny spiders like that? Jesus fuck! that makes my skin crawl. Just to be clear, not saying that’s a bad thing.