The word you’re looking for is “officious”

assertive of authority in an annoyingly domineering way, especially with regard to petty or trivial matters: a policeman came to move them on, an officious, spiteful man.

• intrusively enthusiastic in offering help or advice; interfering: an officious bystander.

Isn’t that perfect? I’m just getting tired of these stories coming up every day about white people reporting black people for mowing a lawn, or selling candy, or picnicing, or walking in a neighborhood. Use it more often.

Use it in a sentence: White people, why are you being so fucking officious?


  1. says

    Officiousness is an identifying characteristic of the petty would-be tyrant. They were endowed by some deity with the authority to make everyone obey their instructions and demands. They demand your respect. I met a few of these people (fortunately, only a few) while in state service. (They almost never get respect and their authority may be over a tiny domain, but they still strain their neck muscles looking down their noses at other people.)

  2. thirdmill301 says

    Maybe once, just once, the police could arrest the caller for making a false police report. I’ll bet they wouldn’t have to do it much more than that.

  3. Bruce Fuentes says

    Because they can and those in authority not only let them but encourage it. Minorities and especially people of color put up with it every day and have since time immemorial.

  4. says

    Ya gotta understand: They’re just following a social physics law and filling the abuse-of-power vacuum.

  5. Ragutis says

    Eh… I dunno. It’s hard to let go of such classics like “Why are you being such an asshole/shitstain/awful human being.”

    You could throw in “lousy Christian”, but they probably have a cherry-picked bible verse memorized for the occasion.

    On another note. Being as how the Trump admin and his loyal 30% have been so focused on all the MS13s and rapists and such flooding in from Mexico, you’d think they’d be more focused, afraid, and eager to report any Hispanic they saw.

    (Now is when people post a bunch of incidents about “asshole/shitstain/awful human beings” showing that that is exactly what is happening at a similar if not greater rate. Call me fucking surprised. I can’t overstate my disappointment in humanity that at this point in our development and despite the achievements we’ve reached through civilization we are so callous and cruel about bullshit like pigmentation, personal beliefs or some arbitrary line in the sand.)

  6. wontbehere4long says

    This is exactly how I feel about the law.

    The universe doesn’t have any rules, as far as I can tell, except for what an individual living being makes for him, her, or themselves, while the United States sits at the throne of hegemony, legal oppression. I want to get naked from of all that, and if it means that I must tip the one sacred cow that must never be tipped, then so be it.

  7. says

    @10. wontbehere4long
    “The universe doesn’t have any rules, as far as I can tell, except for what an individual living being makes for him, her, or themselves”

    But, if this was in fact a law of the universe… there would be no exploitation.
    It is not a rule of the universe.
    It would be nice, but it does not exist.

  8. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    my recent favorite is a man yelling at a Puerto Rican woman for wearing a Puerto Rican T shirt on 4July,
    “Are you American???” he asks
    “Yes, I’m from Puerto Rico”, her response
    -“I said, Are you American, apparently not”
    -“Puerto Rico is American”
    -“Not a State of America, not really America. You should be wearing an American Flag, not Puerto Rican flag”
    all while a cop stands watching, doing nothing. And next day gets fired for inaction. hooray, schadenfreude.

  9. willj says

    Well, we need vigilant citizens to preserve the culture, don’t you know. The UK was warned today to keep their culture intact. And that comes straight down from a man with a tremendous, terrific culture of his own, and from the sophisticated culture of his voters.

  10. anbheal says

    Officious? That’s the best that you can do? As in, white people, why are you being so untoward?

    Why doesn’t white people, why are you being such hateful racist fuckpigs, work better than caviling about with OED niceties?

  11. littlejohn says

    “Officious” isn’t really the word you’re looking for. It merely means meddlesome; offering unneeded advice. This man is far more than annoying; he is threatening and obnoxious. I generally use officious to describe people Shakespeare referred to as “ribbon clerks,” i.e., persons overly concerned with trivial details, such as the retail clerk who refuses your credit card because you neglected to sign it. May I suggest “asshole”?