1. gorobei says

    The speculation around 28:00 on metamorphosis is interesting re the rearrangement of parts.

    I assume this is more about amphibians than insects. To my inexpert self, caterpillar->butterfly looks almost like a delayed version of growing a chicken: the caterpillar’s job is just to build up a large enough sack of raw material to build the real animal, with the other parts (e.g. legs and mouth) just totally discarded rather than rearranged. I know nothing about amphibians though.

    Enquiring minds want a video on metamorphosis. Pretty please.

  2. jack16 says

    What do you think of Richard Wrangham’s idea of cooking driving the evolution of intelligence. (David Owen: “We don’t know what it is but we’re getting better and better at measuring it.” ;-) )